C.A.N. w/ Curls, Coils & Kinks


                                   Calling All Naturals w/ Curls, Coils & Kinks

Calling All Naturals!! November 19, 2014… I started on my daunting and exciting journey as I decided to Big Chop all my chemically relaxed hair off and leave my 6 months of new growth to begin my new life as a newlywed while learning to embrace my natural texture. Oh no don’t fret, this recently discovered natural did not brave the Big Chop by herself!

I entrusted my long time good friend and hair stylist to help me free my flowing mane! Today I am proud to say I have been rocking my growing Teeny Weenie Afro ever since. I will never forget the day I came home to my husband for the first time and looked at him for approval of my new unfamiliar Teeny Weenie Afro.  In my mind as I looked in the mirror starring back at me was a cute boy… me!  See, I was charting in unfamiliar territory… I hadn’t been natural since before my early young adolescent years… and can’t even recall the flowing natural curls I once possessed.  My husband was supportive and loving as ever… his sweet voice of “You look beautiful baby it will grow back before you know it”… caressed my heart with immense ease and peace. I knew I was embarking upon this new journey of returning to my natural texture… but was that all I was returning to… was there a bigger picture God wanted me to see?

Could it be I was just a young African American girl who learned natural hair was a site not to be seen an ugly kink to hide or was it a deep hidden desire to be accepted by people who didn’t understand our intricate & uniquely handpicked kinks or curls?  I am on this journey and rediscovery of myself and who God made me to be in all my natural form and goodness. Will you dare to come along on this ride with me so we can learn together? Let’s not fear what we don’t understand but learn as much as we can while juggling the idea of loving our natural God given Curls, Coils and Kinks.  Join me as I reprogram my brain to be free of decrepit thoughts of natural hair textures and proudly celebrate each and every Curl, Coil and Kink… I know we CAN!

Weekly Power Thought – We always fear what we don’t understand.
Today’s Natural Hair Lingo
TWA ⇒ Teeny Weeny Afro
BC  Big Chop
CAN  Calling All Naturals
SM Shea Moisture
Weekly Natural Hair Care Savings
Great time to try new products while not breaking the bank. Enjoy!


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