Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen, Grow Restore Treatment Masque ~ Product Review!

w/ Curls, Coils & Kinks

Oh happy day another Shea Moisture product review!  I honestly can’t say enough about this healing company other than they are leaders in the natural hair care world. I personally have been using many of their products even before my BC.
I also know many people who keep their products stocked in their bathroom.  I have had my eye on the JBCO Treatment Masque for a few months now… so I was beyond elated when Walgreens had their BOGO free sale 😉  I currently use this brands leave in conditioner also (amazing).  Was this just another masque that would stay on my shelf untouched not living up to the hype?!  I will tell you my personal experience and we can decide together if this product is a keeper and one you should try. Remember this is my personal experience with my texture of hair and what works for one person may not work for another as we are all uniquely designed.

So, wash day has begun and I just finished my detangling process in the shower and rinsed out my rinse out conditioner completely.  As my heart beat raced out of excitement to try this popular gem I noticed first the smell and appearance of the masque.  This product claims to restore strength and resilience to damage and brittle hair while promoting hair growth.  I chuckled due to the fact the masque looks like peanut butter and smells like play-doh!  So be careful for those who have kids this may get eaten if you aren’t careful (lol).  I actually love the smell and the consistency of the masque in my opinion it’s thick yet moist at the same time. Upon application I took my first scoop of the masque and easily applied it to my hair…. has a lot of slip and was super easy to rake into my hair all over. This masque comes in a jar and like most Shea Moisture products a little goes a long ways… which means in the end a happy wallet!  I made sure I had enough all over to coat my hair applying from root to tip mainly focusing on the ends which is the oldest and most fragile part of our hair.  I hopped out of the shower and put on my plastic cap and reached for my heating cap.  Set timer for 30 minutes or however many minutes you prefer.  
Times up and I hop back in the shower.  So far this masque was definitely living up to the hype but of course now was the moment of truth.  Before I washed out my masque I decided to test out how well this masque would work if someone wanted to detangle with it… oh melted in my hair like butter and my happy curls slid so easily through the comb! I was amazed. 😉 I rinsed out the masque with cold water which rinsed out super easily and was greeted with moisturized, soft and super defined shiny curls!  I am not personally protein sensitive but for those of you who are this masque may be a great mild alternative for you as it left my hair super soft considering it’s protein based.  I have yet to figure out what ingredient(s) contributes to the wonderful clump formation with JBCO line… if you know please share.

So what’s the verdict?!  I love this masque and will be adding it to the rotation no doubt! The masque delivered on exactly what it claimed.  Another bonus is this masque can be used on Natural, Chemically processed, Color treated or Heat styled hair.  So, even if you don’t have natural hair you can still benefit from this masque not to mention I love the fact it’s designed for color treated hair.  As always Shea Moisture continues to provide products with such rich and non-harsh ingredients that nourish, heal and moisturize the hair… not to mention Shea Moisture products are nearly sold everywhere you can find beauty products.  I do also know of people who have used their hair masque as a leave in. I haven’t tried that with this masque specifically but I have with others and achieved beautiful results.  Give it a try especially if you have a thirsty curls, coils or kinks.  I definitely would recommend this masque for anyone who is desiring to nourish, rebuild and grow their hair.  Another slam dunk product from the Shea Moisture team!  I hope this review was helpful and informative… let me know what products I should review next?! 

~Results after using the JBCO Treatment Masque~


  • Organic Shea Butter
  • Jamaican Black Castor Oil
  • Peppermint


Weekly Power Thought – What works for one person may not work for another as we are all uniquely designed.
Today’s Natural Hair Lingo
JBCO = Jamaican Black Castor Oil 
DC = Deep Conditioner
BC = Big Chop
Slip = How well a product aids with detangling/combing*Lifesaver*
CAN = Calling All Naturals
SM = Shea Moisture

Weekly Natural Hair Care Savings




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