Alikay Naturals Creme Brulee Curling Delight ~ Product Review!

Calling All Naturals w/ Curls, Coils & Kinks

Have you ever been so curious about a hair product that you just had to get your hands on it?  That’s exactly how I felt about this product… that I asked my wonderful husband to drive me an hour out of town to snag it up so I could see for myself if it was going to be my new gem. Crazy huh?  This was going to be my first product review from the Alikay Naturals line.  I conducted my research on this product and found many positive and some negative reviews… so I knew it could go either way for me.  This product comes in an 8 fl oz jar and I paid $17.00 as that is more than I usually like to spend on my hair products unless they are absolutely worth it!  I was very hopeful as this product claimed to smooth the cuticle to reduce frizz while clumping and elongating your curls leaving them hydrated and defined for dayssss and it’s safe for color treated hair with all natural ingredients. Wow, sounds divine right? 

I just finished my washing phase of my wash day and it’s time to style.  I grabbed my Creme Brulee product and double checked the directions.  Other naturals expressed it played well with other products so I added my leave in conditioner then proceeded to section off a small section in the front of my head to test it out. First, let me say this product smells like bad traditional liquid medicine and it’s yellow in color with a light custard like texture.  I personally didn’t like the smell but was fine with the color and texture of it.  I applied it to my front section and starting to rake it in… hmm seems to be clumping beautifully and had enough slip. I then proceeded to section of pieces of my hair all over and apply the product and try to rake it in as best as I can. I have very thick hair and I usually tend not to buy products that you need to rake it in all over due to the fact that would take me all day.  However I tried to do my best with following their directions.  All done… and I thought wow my curls are clumped and defined… Wait…

Next day!  Oh boy I don’t know if it was user error (lol) Lord knows I have a heavy hand but my hair had dried up yellow custard clumps everywhere! 😦 I thought Noooooo!  I went back to the directions and read again to see if I missed something.  The only conclusion other than this product just didn’t agree with my hair is maybe I was a bit heavy handed although I didn’t use as much as I would normally have used with another product but maybe I needed even less?  Also, I did notice on the instruction it states spray on Lemongrass Leave in Conditioner after you applied the Creme Brulee.  That is their leave in conditioner and I didn’t have that.  Guys, I had to wash my hair all over again because the crusty yellow look was not appealing at all.  Was this product a slam dunk or did I completely miss the goal? =O

FINAL THOUGHTS: I don’t know I am kind of torn (ha ha) as I feel maybe I should give it a second try tweaking some things perhaps as it still sits in my cabinet untouched.  Maybe it didn’t agree with my leave in conditioner that I used perhaps?  Did my hair just not like custards or just this custard?  One thing is for sure I wasn’t heavy handed all over and I had crusty yellow beads all over my head.  No bueno!  So, I think I will keep it around and research a little more and re-visit it at a later date.  Another thing I found very interesting that I would like to point out is I didn’t see water listed anywhere on the ingredients and my hair loves water and water based products.  I don’t want to report it’s a horrible product as many naturals love this product but maybe it’s just not a product for me.  The big picture is I tried something new… as I normally don’t like working with custards or gels and even though it didn’t plan out like I desired… I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried something new. Will you? 


  • Aloe Vera
  • Argan Oil
  • Almond Oil

*See Full List of Ingredients* Click Here


Weekly Power Thought – Even though it didn’t plan out like I desired; I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried something new.
Today’s Natural Hair Lingo
BC ⇒ Big Chop
CAN ⇒ Calling All Naturals
TWA ⇒ Teeny Weenie Afro
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Great time to try new products while not breaking the bank. Enjoy!





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