My Current Natural Hair Care Regimen (Co-wash version)

Results after completing my hair regimen 


w/ Curls, Coils & Kinks
I am going to be honest my natural hair regimen has changed quite a bit since my BC. I have played around with products and product combinations and even different techniques.  My current regimen definitely works great for me especially at this stage of my growing TWA.  You are probably wondering well how did you go about acquiring this product combination?  Honestly, I watched many videos and gathered many ideas and techniques from a lot of videos and tried various routines until I struck gold.  Although, I have come up with a hair regimen that works best for me I know not to get too comfortable as I am sure it will change as my hair continues to grow longer and longer.  My hair regime doesn’t take too long in my opinion and I have mastered it quite well.  Let’s discuss!

Wash Day – Phase 1
I know I have touched on this phase before but it is a part of my hair regimen so I will just go over the highlight points.  If I choose to pre-poo it’s usually done the night before my wash day.  I always wash my hair twice a week by co-washing.  I choose to co-wash in the shower as I feel the steam aids in helping me detangle and soften my hair.  Once I am done co-washing I rinse that out completely and proceed to detangle my hair.  I prefer to detangle my hair with tons of conditioner and a comb. I don’t section off my hair really due to the fact it’s still short but I do like to clip up my very front and detangle that last as with my fingers as it is the hardest part to detangle for me.  Once my detangling is complete I then rinse out my conditioner completely and proceed to the next step.  I grab my DC of choice for that day and slather it all over raking it into my hair ensuring complete coverage.  Don’t forget to focus on your ends… they need the most care!  I like to make sure I keep a moisture/protein balance with my hair so… one wash day I will use a protein based conditioner and the next wash day I use a moisturizing conditioner and I continue to rotate them.  Once my DC is applied all over I hop out of the shower and I slap on a plastic cap and grab my heating cap and sit for about 30 minutes and DC my hair. Please don’t skip DC(ing) your hair it will give you hair life.  When my time is up I hop back in the shower and I rinse out my DC completely with cold water.

Styling – Phase 2 
Now my DC is all rinsed out and I then can proceed to begin the styling process of my hair. While I am still in the shower I grab my homemade spray mix and spray it all over my hair and I like to work it through my hair.  Once I achieve well enough coverage I will slightly squeeze some of the water out from my hair and prep for adding in my leave in conditioner.  I love adding in my leave in conditioner as it really helps to clump my curls! The leave in conditioner I use a little goes a long ways so I don’t use very much to cover my entire head.  As soon as I feel I have enough leave in conditioner I will hop out of the shower.  I don’t towel dry or even t-shirt dry my hair anymore this is just my personal preference.

Styling – Phase 3
This phase is the most fun as it means I am almost done! 😉  I am a wash-n-go girl so that’s mainly my style of choice.  I like to follow the L.O.C. method but I have tweaked it a bit on my maintenance days (non-wash days).  So I already applied my L which was my spray mix and my leave in conditioner.  As for my O I will apply my oil blend next and I only use a little as I prefer not to use too much.  The last step is the C and I like to add my cream styler all over my hair just to help shape my curls and prepare to dry.  I choose to air dry and I prefer to use no heat to dry my hair… that is up to you.  I would recommend once you set your style into place don’t continue to touch or over manipulate your hair until it’s completely dry.  This will ensure as little frizz and moisture loss as possible if you don’t desire much frizz.  My hair is definitely frizz prone but this dramatically decreases any chances of frizz overload.

Styling – Daily Maintenance on Non-wash days 
I personally believe it’s important to moisturize daily… and there are many ways to do that.  This is my personal daily routine for re-moisturizing and styling my hair. You don’t have to re-style your hair daily I just prefer to due to the fact I am at that growing TWA length.
Morning For my morning routine it’s very similar to my styling phase 3… with some tweaks.  I still follow the L.O.C. method just not necessarily in the suggested order.  As for my L I spray my hair with my spray mix until it’s damp enough and my hair begins to take shape.  I don’t saturate my hair just dampen it enough to bring life back to my hair.  I then proceed to add my daily moisturizing growth lotion and I don’t use a lot of this either just enough to re-moisturize my hair.  After I re-moisturize I then add my O which is a small amount of my oil blend and make sure I seal in that moisture I just added prior.  The C step is the last step and I add my moisturizing styling cream as my last and final step.  I style my hair and once I reach a desired style that’s it then I leave it to air dry!
EveningAt night time I don’t really spend too much time doing my hair but I do like to prep it for sleeping.  What do I do?  Well, I will splash some water from my shower to reactive my curls while I am taking my shower.  When I am out I will just add a little bit of my daily moisturizing cream and seal with my oil blend. I also every night when I add my oil blend take this time to give myself my scalp massage which a lot of naturals & experts say it aids in hair growth by increasing blood circulation in the scalp.  Don’t forget to finish off with your satin cap before going to sleep.  We wouldn’t want to ruin all our hard work right? (lol)

That’s all folks!  This routine has definitely been working well for my hair texture. Although I am always looking to learn and grow even more.  My suggestion to you is to try several routines and see which one your hair will love.  My hair regimen may or may not work well for you but maybe it will inspire you to keep trying until you find a routine that works for you or even tweak your current routine.  We must take care of what God entrusted to us and wear it well!  One of the biggest tips I once heard regarding growing long healthy natural hair is consistency with our regimens is the key.  So let’s strive to be consistent and embrace what we have be given. Chow, until next time!

Weekly Power Thought -Honestly, I watched many videos and gathered many ideas and techniques from a lot of videos and tried various routines until I struck gold.

Today’s Natural Hair Lingo
TWA ⇒ Teeny Weenie Afro
BC ⇒ Big Chop
DC ⇒ Deep Conditioner
Slip ⇒ How well a product aids with detangling/combing*Lifesaver*
Co-Wash ⇒ Cleansing conditioner
Pre-Poo ⇒ Usually an oil treatment applied to the hair prior to shampooing or conditioning
CAN ⇒ Calling All Naturals
L.O.C. Method – Liquid/or Leave In – Oil  – Cream ⇒ 3 Step process for moisturizing natural hair


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