Shea Moisture Fruit Fusion Coconut Water Weightless Hair Masque ~ Product Review!

w/ Curls, Coils & Kinks

It seems like as soon as I try a new SM product and just finishing raving about it they surprise me yet again with another new line!  I was super thrilled to try out this new line by SM and was eager to go on my search to see where I could snag me up a product from this line. As of now I was only able to find this new product line at Ulta… and currently the Shea Moisture website hasn’t updated reflecting this new line.  Don’t fret as I am sure they are diligently working on it so I would check back often.  This review is based upon my personal experience with my texture and this product may or may not be the golden ticket for you.  Hopefully I can help aid in any questions and wonders you may have about this product before purchasing!  Let’s discuss!

This product line kind of caught me off guard as I haven’t heard much about it yet nor did I have any idea it was being sold.  Although the few reviews I did read and watch all of them raved about this particular product from the line. This was a great recipe for me as I wanted to try it out for myself before all the hype hit the fan.  When I am introduced to a new product line I typically like to go for the masque or deep treatment first… and I was in awe as they had a masque from this line. I purchased this masque from Ulta for the price of $12.99 + plus I had a $3.50 off coupon Yaaass!! This product is packaged in a 12 fl oz jar with a neon coral color.  This masque claims to instantly hydrate and smooth hair while reducing frizz and static not to mention creating a protective sheathe around each hair cuticle to defend against environmental stressors. Wow!  Those are some pretty big claims and shoes to fill… so did the masque provide everything it claimed or did they need to go back to the drawing board?
My wash day is almost over as I rinse out my last little bit of conditioner and prepped to get ready to try my new find!  I first decided to try out this product as a deep conditioner as they suggest; although products a lot of the time have various uses.  I grabbed my DC and was hit with the most floral meets tropical smell and I was in love from that first moment.  This smell is not only divine but very light as it is easy on the senses for those of us who have sensitive noses.  Not only was I impressed with the smell but now the thought of vacationing on a tropical island started surfacing on the brain! (lol)  The texture is extremely light and full of slip and a little goes a long ways… in fact I only used one scoop and I have very thick hair.  I did notice upon application indeed this masque is very light on the hair and weightless as claimed.  This masque melted my curls and I was able to detangle my hair with breeze!  I hopped out of the shower once I worked the masque thoroughly all over my hair.  I grabbed my plastic cap & heating cap and deep conditioned for about 30 minutes.  I was already excited and I had a good feeling about this masque and my timer just went off and now it’s time to rinse out the DC.  This DC rinsed out super easily and left my hair the softest out of any of the DC(s) from the SM line!
This product amazed me with how soft it left my hair like butter and then some.  This masque is designed for people who have fine to medium hair and it contains so many moisturizing and healing ingredients like Coconut Water & Imbe Oil & Aloe just to name a few!  My hair is very thick but mainly with lots and lots of fine to medium strands of hair making me very prone to frizz and damage.  I know you are thinking does she ever have a con when it comes to anything made by SM (lol) and yes I do this time. The only thing I did notice is I felt compared to other SM DC(s) this one didn’t leave my curls as defined as others.  Did I care?  No, lol… why?  Mainly due to the fact all the other pros outweighed the one con and sometimes I don’t desire super defined curls.  Another observation is if you have super soft fine hair this could potentially make your hair too soft; so if you do use this product I would use a styler with strong enough hold.  This product seemed like a match made in heaven for me.  Was this product deserving to take top spot in the ranks in addition to the other SM products I have grown to love?!

Full face results after using the Fruit Fusion Masque

You know how you buy a product and you must try it several times before really seeing if it benefited your hair at all?  Well, that definitely wasn’t the case with this product… sometimes we just know right away!   I loved how this product gave my thirsty curls life and how it softened my hair like no other.  One of my favorite things about this product also was the smell.  This product not only left my hair frizz free but softened my hair and gave it incredible shine!  The only thing I think I will try differently next time is maybe try a gel or styler with a stronger hold.  This masque left my hair super soft and my styler leaves my hair super soft so I felt I needed a bit more hold. This product will definitely get put into the DC rotation for sure and maybe next time I will try it as my detangler. 

Well, SM did it yet again… and now has definitely peeked my interest with trying out some of the other products from this line.  If you have fine to medium hair and desire super soft and frizz free curls I would strongly suggest this masque if you are looking to up your game in the masque department. 😉  My thoughts also bounced around at the idea of could this masque work as well for someone who doesn’t have fine to medium hair?  Let me know if you have tried this masque or any other products from this line.  As always I hope this review was helpful in answering any questions or thoughts you may have been having about this product!  Until the next product review… have fun with experimenting with products but don’t break the bank! 😉

Close up results after using the Fruit Fusion Masque





  • Fruit Fusion Blend
  • 100% Pure Coconut Water
  • Imbe Oil


Weekly Power Thought – Mainly due to the fact all the other pros outweighed the one con and sometimes I don’t desire super defined curls.
Today’s Natural Hair Lingo
DC ⇒ Deep Conditioner
BC ⇒ Big Chop
Slip ⇒ How well a product aids with detangling/combing*Lifesaver*
CAN ⇒ Calling All Naturals
SM ⇒ Shea Moisture

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