My Current Favorite Natural Hair Products

w/ Curls, Coils & Kinks

Who doesn’t want to discuss our favorite natural hair products!?  This is always a fun topic and plays a huge role in how well our hair performs.  Before I dive into my favorite staple hair products let me preface by stating products can’t alter or change your curl, coil or kink nor do they create a different pattern they only enhance your natural texture.  Below are my go to products that have worked well for my hair… however they may or may not work for your texture but if you have been curious about trying a certain product here are my thoughts and experiences. Click the product name for additional information.  Let’s discuss!
I – Cantu Moisturizing Curl Activator Cream – Ladies, this is the best product God could have thrown my way!  I can’t really even express into words what this heaven sent gem has done for my hair… it’s absolutely my favorite styler ever!  This product is curly girl friendly if you follow that method and is packaged in a tall bottle.  The texture is a light creamy white consistency full of slip and has a clean and tropical (coconut) smell just so divine.  This product claims to produce frizz free, smooth bouncy curls and delivers volume and shine.  I love the fact this product has wonderful ingredients for your hair and in my opinion is all in one product not to mention it’s safe for color treated hair!  For me this product: moisturizes, provides frizz free curls, heals, detangles, provides exceptional shine, gives me great hold, defines my curls to level 10, and brings my hair back to life!  I pray they never change the formula to this product as the Cantu team have me as a loyal customer for life!  This product is sold at most beauty stores and is wallet friendly. My favorite product hands down! 😉

II – Creme of Nature Pure-Licious Co-wash This co-wash has definitely earned its right to stay a powerhouse staple of mine.  This co-wash is formulated with non- harsh ingredients and is sulfate free and color safe!  This moisturizing co-wash claims it will gently cleanse and removes product build up with exotic shine while hydrating your tresses to deliver unstoppable frizz free curls, coils and kinks. This product not only suds up like a shampoo and leaves my scalp squeaky clean but leaves my hair moisturize as well.  Although I would like to report I do know someone who it didn’t work well for them at all.  So do your research and see if you think it may be worth a try and remember some products you may have to try them over a period of weeks.  This product smells kind of on the masculine side which I love and it glides into the hair super easily and washes out very easily.  Although I don’t personally like to detangle my hair with my co-wash it does aid in preparing my hair for my detangling process.  The only con I found with the co-wash is it comes in a pump bottle and it requires a lot of pumps for me to achieve enough product to thoroughly cleanse my hair.  This product I have only been able to find at Sally’s Beauty Supply Store online and on the Creme of Nature website and it’s wallet friendly.  Definitely a keeper for me!

III – Curl Rehab Moisturizing Hair Treatment  Got thirsty curls, coils or kinks?  Have you ever had a product that melts your hair like butter and is excellent at pampering your hair?  , this is it!  This product is my favorite hair treatment and is super rich with healing butters, oils, aloe, and herbs yet really lightweight. This rare gem comes in a jar and smells like strawberry ice cream!  It has a creamy texture very soft to the touch and is loaded with major slip.  Detangling is a breeze with this product. This product claims to moisturize, rejuvenate and restore your precious curls.  A major bonus is that this product is very versatile as it can be used as a leave in conditioner and deep conditioner while using it daily, weekly or monthly depending on your hair needs.  Beware though this product is pricey in my opinion and I have been only able to find it at and… and I am sure Amazon sells it.  Although it is pricey this product is beyond worth it and it’s a wonderful product that I will always keep in my hair regime. =)

IV – Hydratherma Naturals Daily Moisturizing Growth Lotion If you are looking for a healing and moisturizing daily growth lotion you should definitely give this one a try.  This action packed moisturizer will keep you hair moisturized the entire day although I use this daily.  I absolutely love this lotion as  it consist of a soft creamy texture and glides through my hair with much ease and has major slip.  The smell is so sweet and kind of reminds me of cake batter or something sweet cooking in the oven…yummy!  This product claims to penetrate hair shaft immediately while preventing breakage and sealing in the moisture.  This product softens and makes the hair so supple making it super easy to manage.  I honestly feel this is one of major reasons my hair has grown super-fast and nice healthy and thick.  Another benefit is this product comes in different sizes and different prices for every budget and a little goes a long ways.  I purchase this product from and they do offer discounts for members.

V – Hydratherma Naturals Hair Growth Oil I have tried several oil blends and this by far has been the best and most effective.  I absolutely love this unique natural blend of oils as it softens my hair, adds lots of shine and seals in my moisture after using my Daily Moisturizing Growth Lotion.  This product claims to repair and prevent dry itchy scalp and prevent breakage. This oil blend has a sweet aroma smell and truly delivers on every word.  I use this oil daily after applying my daily moisturizer from the same company. This product also comes in different sizes fit for every budget and a little goes a long ways.  I purchase this product from and they do offer discounts for members.

VI – Coconut Oil – Oh the joys and many benefits of coconut oil!  I don’t really stick to a particular brand as I have tried several.  Currently I have the Trader Joe’s brand and it works pretty well on my hair.  For me this oil softens and strengthens my hair and aids in detangling while also treating my split ends and controlling frizz.  One of the things I have learned about this oil over many months of using it is a little really does go a long ways. It’s a light oil in my opinion that can be too greasy if you add too much.  This is the oil I personally like to pre-poo with and I love using it for nightly scalp massages which promotes hair growth.  If you have never tried this oil or any other oil I would suggest trying a small area first and see how your hair and scalp respond to it.  My hair definitely loves this popular oil and it’s easy on the wallet as it last a long time.

VII – DIY water-aloe refresher spray – This by far has to be my MUST have product.  I spray my DIY refresher mix mainly when I need to re-style my hair… which for me is daily. My spray mix consists of 60% water and 40% aloe vera juice and a few drops of olive oil. My hair loves this spray and I am not sure what I would do without it especially as I am sporting a growing TWA.  This spray mix moisturizes and softens my hair preparing it for application of my other products.  I definitely would recommend a spray mix of some kind with ingredients that compliment your hair best.

VIII – Shea Moisture SuperFruit Complex 10-N-1 Renewal Hair Masque  Well it’s probably no secret that I am a huge SM fan!  This masque is truly a gem and is one of my favorite products from this company.  This masque has a light creamy texture and a floral scent mixed with perfume.  If you have a sensitive nose this may irritate your smell senses but I personally love the smell.  This masque has major slip and I can definitely detangle with it with much ease as it glides easily through my comb.  This product claims to treat damaged hair while providing anti-aging benefits, color protection, hydration, nourishment, rejuvenation, strength, anti-stress, deep conditioning, softness and shine. I also have left a little bit of the masque in my hair for additional benefits.  This masque is sold at most beauty stores and is easy on the wallet.  This masque will continue to stay in my rotation as it delivers on exactly what it says!

1XShea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Leave-In Conditioner 
I recently added this one to my favorites list as this product no doubt took me by surprise! I wasn’t really using a leave-in and this product made that reality history! This product moisturizes, softens, strengthens, elongates, leaves hair full of shine, full of slip, defines my curls better than a gel for me. I love love love it & it’s my favorite leave in! It’s packaged in a 16 fl. oz. jar & is formulated with castor oil, shea butter & peppermint oil just to name a few! It’s very affordable and a little goes such a long ways. You shouldn’t need to run to the store too often to re-purchase this one.  The smell reminds me of play-dough & the consistency is very light and somewhat watery  – but don’t worry this product contains an awesome blend of healing & moisturizing ingredients! Shea Moisture as always creates such fab products!! This product will never leave my rotation EVER! 😉

X – Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Hair Masque – 
After having such huge success with the JBCO leave-in conditioner I HAD to try this masque! I am so glad I did this masque quickly became my favorite new go to hair masque.  When my hair needs that extra love & attention this is the best masque for the job. This masque leaves my hair soft, super defined, shiny, moisturized, strengthened, and super manageable.  I have noticed less shedding when I started incorporating this masque into my regime & it works perfectly with the JBCO leave-in. This masque is packaged in a 12 fl. oz. jar & smells exactly like the JBCO leave-in so light and playful.  I would definitely recommend this masque to anyone with natural curls, coils & kinks.  Great – also for those who are protein sensitive. A MUST try & staple for me. 😉

X1 – NaturelleGrow Herbal Blends Deep Conditioner – 
You may not be familiar with this company… but I am hoping to change that! This conditioner became my staple conditioner for detangling my tight curls & coils.  This product delivers so much it’s quite hard to express into words.  The healing & natural ingredients are blended to perfection. The smell is that of light yummy cinnamon & the consistency is light yet full of moisture to the touch.  You will not have any problems with this conditioner as it – moisturizes, detangles with little to no effort on my part, provides shine, curl definition, aids in healthy hair growth, and totally replaced my previous conditioner. This product is very versatile as you can use it as a rinse out conditioner or a deep treatment – either way your curls, coils & kinks will thank you.  I would highly recommend this conditioner for any natural hair texture as it is that awesome of a product. A MUST try! 😉 LOVE it!

My hope is that you do your research and try to find the best products for your hair texture.  I think it’s important to remember products only enhance your texture so try to keep that in mind when purchasing a product.  If your friend has type 3B hair and she shares a product that makes her curls pop and you go out and buy it hoping to achieve her same results and you have 4B hair… you are more than likely will be disappointed if you are trying to achieve your friends results.  If you want to enjoy your texture stay focused on making your texture(s) curls pop!  This has been one of the best things about my natural hair journey is learning what works for my hair and what doesn’t.  Try to keep an open mind as you try to navigate through so many natural hair products out there and remember half the fun is trial and error. Have fun, research and share if you have found products that have worked great for you!

Weekly Power Thought –Beauty comes in all forms and we hold the key to defining it. 

Today’s Natural Hair Lingo
TWA ⇒ Teeny Weenie Afro
BC ⇒ Big Chop
DC ⇒ Deep Conditioner
Slip ⇒ How well a product aids with detangling/combing*Lifesaver*
Co-Wash ⇒ Cleansing conditioner
Pre-Poo ⇒ Usually an oil treatment applied to the hair prior to shampooing or conditioning 
CAN ⇒ Calling All Naturals
SM ⇒ Shea Moisture

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