EDEN BodyWorks samples ~ Product Review!

EDEN BodyWorks samples


w/ Curls, Coils & Kinks

Yes, it’s that time again! Another product review is underway and I couldn’t wait to try a few products from this line!  This line I have seen all over the place and with such wonderful reviews and a personal friend of mine who is natural fell in love with some of their products… so I thought this would be a perfect time to give it a try.  I was more than thrilled when I went to their website and noticed they offered a sample package for you to try for $4.00 which I was all over that!  The sample deal consisted of 6 sample size packages from three of their lines.  I was mainly interested in their All Natural Cleansing Co-wash & All Natural Leave in Conditioner from their Coconut Shea line.  I would like to point out my friend who fell in love with several of their products has a completely different texture than mine.  This review is my personal opinion based upon my personal experience with my natural texture and none of my reviews are meant to bad mouth any company but just provide any insight into a few products and how well they worked with my texture.  Let’s discuss!


So, upon arrival of my highly anticipated package of samples… which arrived in only a few days of me ordering them… I quickly opened it up to see which samples were sent to me.  I received 6 samples from three of their lines and noticed I didn’t get the famous Co-wash. ;(  Despite that small setback I ended up trying three out of the 6 samples for this review.  I decided not to let that small setback ruin such a fun & new experience for me. The chosen three were: Coconut Shea All Natural Pudding Souffle, Coconut Shea All Natural Leave in Conditioner & Jojoba Monoi All Natural Deep Conditioner.  I was excited to try all three of these products and couldn’t wait until my next wash day.  I decided to split using my three samples into two wash days.  I was going to use the leave in & pudding souffle on one day as directed from their instructions.  Then I would try their DC on a different day using in conjunction with my normal wash day products.  I thought this way would serve best for me as I like to see how well products play with other products so I am not confined to using only one hair care line.

So the leave in conditioner claims to moisturize, penetrate and revitalize tresses. This leave in conditioner is formulated with coconut oil and shea butter just to name a few ingredients and is sulfate free, safe for color treated, chemically treated, curly and straight hair.  I love products designed for people and their unique and different textures. The pudding souffle claims to add moisture to dry thirsty tresses using this exotic blend of all natural ingredients formulated to reduce frizz, enhance textured styles, and provide a soft shiny finish.  I thought wow this is just what I need!  The deep conditioner I have tried before awhile back however I couldn’t recall why I loved it so much so… I thought this would be a wonderful time to re-try this DC.  This DC claims to strengthen hair through its botanical combination of Coconut, Jojoba, and Monoi.  This DC was formulated to replenish hair strength and restores natural beauty from over processing, damage and dryness.  When you think it couldn’t get any better this DC fortifies to balance the hair’s moisture level, resulting in stronger, healthier, more manageable hair! Wow! Here goes…

Results after using the leave in & pudding souffle

So, on my first wash day I was all done with my DC and rinsed it all out completely.  I always apply my leave in conditioners in the shower on soaking wet hair as this is what works best for me.  I cut opened the sample package of my leave in conditioner and squeezed some in my palm and added it all over my hair.  Let me start off first by saying the smell was very light and airy and I was greeted with a coconut/shea butter smell and the texture was thick and almost reminded me of a paste like substance and wasn’t white but had a yellowish tint to it.  The consistency wasn’t creamy at all and as I tried to rake it all over my hair it didn’t have much slip at all like non for my hair… which my tight curls desperately need.  Also, another thing I noticed was as I kept getting more and more leave in to apply on my hair it seemed like my hair was getting drier by the second almost like the leave in soaked up all the moisture in my hair.  When I used up all of my leave in I then proceeded to hop out of the shower and apply the pudding souffle.  I decided to try the pudding souffle as my styler as they stated it works best with the leave in conditioner.  When I opened up the souffle I noticed it was a spitting image of the leave in as they had the same color, smell, texture and consistency.  I applied this all over and this product seemed to help soften and moisturize my hair better than the leave in.  But was it enough for me to actually purchase full sizes of these two products??!!

Close up of my frizz ball after using the leave in and pudding souffle

On my second wash day I decided to try out the DC from the Jojoba Monoi line. Although I had previously tried this DC I was still excited to see why I loved it or did I?  Upon application instantly I noticed the light and minty smell which I loved.  The consistency of this DC is very thick and I wasn’t able to detangle with this DC. Although the DC was very thick I was amazed at how well and easily I was able to distribute it all over my hair for super easy application.  As always I hopped out the shower grabbed my plastic cap/heating cap and DC for 30 minutes!  Thirty minutes later I rinsed out my DC and I was greeted with the most strengthened/softened curls all in one and my curls were truly popping!  Hands down this is one of the best DC(s) I have ever tried that actually strengthens your hair and softens it all in one! My curls were moisturized, soft and super-duper defined… I mean no frizz!

Close up of my curls on my second wash day after using the DC

So the verdict is in!!  I didn’t care for the leave in or the pudding souffle as it seemed to dry out my hair and my hair was one big frizz ball and I don’t plan on purchasing either one.  I think my hair prefers products with thick, creamy and buttery ingredients with tons of slip.  Now, that DC I will definitely be repurchasing as it brought my hair back to life!  I remember exactly why I fell in love with it the first time as it provided exactly what it claimed.  Although all the products from EBW didn’t agree with my texture I would still highly recommend them for you to try… and don’t forget they offer samples as well.  I also love how this company uses all natural and non-harsh ingredients.  My suggestion is to try a few and see what works best for your hair as we are all different.  At the end of the day I tried 3 products and it turned out I rediscovered my new gem and that makes this experience all worth it for me! Sometimes in life you have to try several to find that one that you can’t just live without. What new products have you tried lately?

Weekly Power Thought –I decided not to let that small setback ruin such a fun & new experience for me. 
*See Full List of Product Information & Ingredients* 
Coconut Shea All Natural Pudding Souffle

Jojoba Monoi All Natural Deep Conditioner

Today’s Natural Hair Lingo
CAN = Calling All Naturals
DC = Deep Conditioner
EBW = EDEN BodyWorks
Co-wash = Cleansing conditioner
Slip = How well a product aids with detangling/combing*Lifesaver*

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