The battle of the best detangle tools… and the winner is??


w/ Curls, Coils & Kinks


Combs, brushes and fingers oh my!!  Yes it’s that time… what works best for detangling our delicate tresses?  Although I know it varies for everyone I thought it would be informative for me to share my experiences for detangling a tightly curled growing TWA that I am currently sporting.  The tools I will be highlighting are the: wide tooth comb, semi-wide tooth comb, Denman brush, Felicia Leatherwood detangling brush and last but not least our trusted fingers.  As always this is my personal opinion based upon my experiences with these tools with my texture of hair.  I will go over each detangling tool individually then give you my final thoughts.  Let’s discuss!

Wide Tooth Comb – Naturals rave about the popular wide tooth comb as a staple in their detangling process.  This was one of the first detangling tools I picked up from my local beauty supply store for a few dollars.  When I first BC I didn’t use a detangling tool of any kind due to the fact my hair was still short all I had to do was run my fingers through even then I didn’t do much detangling.  As soon as I started noticing some growth occurring this was the first detangle tool I grabbed.  This tool actually works pretty well with my hair especially when my hair is seriously coated with loads of conditioner.  I think this tool does a very a good job of detangling tightly curled hair without losing too much hair in the process.  One of the main factors when trying to decide if a detangling tool is a keeper is how much I shed during the process when using that tool.  This tool effectively detangles my hair without putting too much stress on the hair.  

Semi-Wide Tooth Comb – This comb is a combination of small comb meets wide tooth comb… it’s their baby!  This comb is awesome for detangling extremely tightly coiled hair like mine as it make sure it reaches each strand and gets rid of those pesky knots us naturals are so prone to.  I think the key to defined curl, coils and kinks is making sure you detangle as thorough as possible. Tangled and knotted hair will not give you the best opportunity to show of your natural texture.  I was horrible at this in the beginning of my natural hair journey but I have been practicing a lot now and I think I finally have gotten it down.  I make sure to be very gentle with my hair and detangle first from the bottom while I hold my hair and work my way up.  That is why it’s important to apply as much conditioner or whatever product you use to aid in your detangling process to minimize as less stress on your hair as possible. This comb is perfect for my tightly coiled hair and gets the job done with very minimal shedding.

Denman Brush – When I first started doing my research on the best detangling tools before I returned natural this had to be hands down the most popular tool I heard about. I thought well can’t be a natural and not have the Denman brush!  So off to Sally’s Beauty Store I went to grab me a DB.  I ended up taking out a few rows as suggested by many naturals to help the brush work more effectively.  Although I had such high hopes for this brush I just struggled a bit more when trying to use it. When I use the DB it takes me a lot longer to detangle.  I am not really sure why that is exactly but I think the main factor is due to the fact it works better on longer hair perhaps?  I am not sure but I plan to keep it around and retry it once my hair is longer.  I also noticed a lot more shedding with this brush.

Felicia Leatherwood Detangling Brush – This cool pink brush is highly requested and a favorite amongst a lot of naturals.  This design of this brush is quite unique and looks resembles a brush but performs like a comb.  This brush I had to order online and it’s on the pricier side but I don’t mind paying money for things that are worth it.  So was it?! This brush was a lot better at detangling my hair than the DB although it still took me longer to detangle with it than a comb. I found it much more effective as a last step detangle after detangling my hair first with a comb.  I did notice more shedding with this brush vs a comb but less shedding than the DB.  I think once my hair grows out more this will be a serious contender.

Fingers – Well, this is definitely the cheapest detangling tool out of the bunch!  If you have a super strict budget then try this route first.  I have seen a lot of naturals who prefer to detangle with their hands only as this is the best way to gain control on how you detangle your hair.  I didn’t incorporate using my hands for detangling until recently.  I noticed my hair in the front is the most fragile and the hardest to detangle at the same time.  I will section that part off and detangle it last with my fingers.  I think the fingers are great for detangling those fragile areas prone to breakage.  I do think as my hair grows out more and more detangling with my fingers will get easier and easier for me. So… what is my favorite detangling tool?

Well, I think it will change down the line but as of now the semi-wide tooth comb is the best detangler for me and my tight curls.  This comb slides gently and ensures all my tangles and knots are non-existent with very minimal shedding.  I also have incorporated the fingers method of detangling as well.  I know we don’t love to take the time to detangle our hair but the longer you wait to get it done the longer you will be stuck doing it.  Detangling for me is a breeze now that I have figured out a great system that works best for me and I gently detangle every time I wash my hair.  I hope you take the time to detangle your hair gently and not neglect this important step in your natural hair journey. Now that you know what my detangle secret is… care to share what is yours?

Weekly Power Thought –I make sure to be very gentle with my hair and detangle first from the bottom while I hold my hair and work my way up. 

Today’s Natural Hair Lingo
DB ⇒ Denman Brush
TWA ⇒ Teeny Weenie Afro
BC ⇒ Big Chop


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2 thoughts on “The battle of the best detangle tools… and the winner is??

  1. Latoya Berry says:

    I definitely agree that the Denman brush takes longer to detangle (at least for me it does) & it pulls more hair out. Lately I have been Finger detangling and using the Denman brush only to smooth my strands after detangling. I plan to try another tool for detangling.


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