The 10 Curl Commandments for Natural Hair

w/ Curls, Coils & Kinks
If you are a transitioner, recently BC, growing TWA, or even been natural for many years this 10 Curl Commandments from I found on Pinterest is a great guide in achieving healthy natural hair.  Let’s discuss!

I – Thou shalt protect thy precious curls while sleeping:  Protecting our natural hair at night is extremely important.  Even before I was natural I always protected my hair with a satin bonnet cap so my hair wouldn’t rub against my cotton pillow case and cause frizz or friction.  When I went natural this was going to continue to be my go to night routine with some tweaks.  I also decided to get a satin pillow case just in case my satin bonnet came off at night. It’s up to you if you want to use a satin bonnet or/and a satin pillow case.
II – Thou shalt keep hair moisturized at all times: Moisture, Moisture, and Moisture!  I am sure most naturals are familiar with this curly hair commandment. There are many ways you can moisturize your hair…. just make sure you are moisturizing. A helpful tip someone told me was to find products where the first ingredient is water. I personally moisturize my hair daily. Do what works best for you as long as your hair is being moisturized regularly. This is one of the most vital steps in achieving moisturized, healthy, long curls, coils and kinks.
III – Thou shalt nourish thy hair with products that have good quality ingredients: Just like we should be mindful to watch what goes in our bodies… same thing applies to our natural hair.  Ingredients do play a big part in healing and moisturizing our curls, coils and kinks.  I personally have tried to follow the curly girl method since the very beginning with only a few fails. Our natural hair is already naturally dry so we should always make sure the ingredients we use aren’t making our hair worse or drying it out further. Do your research and if you do notice harsh ingredients in your products and they are affecting your hairs health… there are plenty of curly girl friendly products out there with wonderful non-harsh ingredients!
IV – Thou shalt always detangle to protect thy perfect mane: All naturals love detangling, right? (lol) I know I know but it must be done otherwise your hair will only get more and more detangled and matted.  Try to find a wide tooth comb or brush designed for detangling.  I personally use a comb but know of plenty of naturals who also detangle with their fingers or their detangling brush.  Find a stellar conditioner with tons of slip and go to work!
V – Thou shalt not handle hair dry. Touching dry curls leads to frizz: Guilty! This was a problem for me.  I always had my hands in my hair and it was a habit I had to learn to break.  Touching your hair repeatedly can not only ruin a perfectly styled do and promote major frizz but it sucks the moisture out of your hair. Touch it when styling and let it dry before touching your hair again… even then I wouldn’t play around too much with your hair.
VI – Thou shalt deep condition once a week: I love to deep condition! I love it so much I DC twice a week most of the times and always once a week.  One of the main reasons I enjoy it so much is due to the host of benefits it gives your hair. This step as a natural is kind of mandatory and trust me your hair will love you for it! Have fun with your DC and experiment with different ones. I try to use a moisturizing DC once a week and a protein based DC once a week…. this works great for my hair and don’t forget to sit with your DC for at least 30 minutes for additional benefits.
VII – Thou shalt limit heat in the hair. Heat pulls out moisture from curls and causes damage as well as breakage: No heat…is probably one of the hardest things to change when going from relaxed to natural.  I am proud to say I haven’t used heat since my BC.  I personally don’t want to use it at this point in my hair journey nor do I desire to use it in the future. Although I may change my mind down the line.  My hair is fine and heat damages and weakens the hair shaft if you use it too often or not the right way. If you absolutely must use heat make sure you prep your hair properly and limit your heat usage.
VIII – Thou shalt not bear false witness for a product because it is the fad: Products! Research and some more research is helpful when you are curious if a popular product is for you or not.  It is better to find a not so popular gem then to sport a popular product that doesn’t show off your curls, coils, kinks full potential. I know I say it often try products and use them based upon what works best for your hair.  
IX – Thou shalt not be lead into temptation by the gluttony of Product Junkism: Are you a Product Junkie? A simple way combat this issue is give yourself a monthly hair allowance. Yes ladies…budget! Also, another thing I watch out for are sales and discounts… this will save your life and wallet.  Another tip is to only buy products that work for your hair and not based upon popularity. 
X – Thou shalt love thy hair regardless of texture, type or curl pattern. Loving your hair is the best part of a healthy hair journey! It first begins in your thoughts and this will determine how enjoyable your journey will be. Embrace your texture that God gave you and learn all you can.  I may not understand everything about my texture but I am determined to love every curl, coil and kink! 😉
Let’s try to follow our 10 Curl Commandments and have fun while doing so. I hope this was informative and shed some light to some of the things I have been learning on my natural hair journey. Enjoy!

Weekly Power Thought – I may not understand everything about my texture but I am determined to love every curl, coil and kink.

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