NaturelleGrow Herbal Blends Deep Conditioner ~ Product Review!

w/ Curls, Coils & Kinks

I love product reviews!  This review is extra special and unique due to the fact I decided to review a product from a not so main stream product line.  I feel there are so many boutique product lines that are just as wonderful if not even better than the popular well known hair care lines on the market.  This line many may not be familiar or maybe you are already a huge fan with this line however I found this line floating on YouTube and heard nothing but wonderful comments from the reviews I watched.  This line is formulated with all natural & healing ingredients resulting in ultimate growth.  If you follow the CGM you definitely don’t have to worry about this line carrying any of those pesky or questionable ingredients.  If you are interested and curious about this product line called NaturelleGrow then follow me as I dive into this review full throttle.  Let’s discuss!

This product line is sold currently on Etsy and the purchasing process was super easy as I headed to my Etsy mobile app for easy navigation.  NaturelleGrow provides a wide variety of products ranging from cleansers, conditioners, co-washes, oils, curl definers, scalp scrubs just to name a few plus plenty more!  This company is a Christian based company who states they offer expertly handcrafted hair growth products for anyone looking to grow long healthy hair. The DC I purchased comes in an 8 fl oz jar and I paid $14.95 + 5.95 shipping & handling.  I don’t mind paying more for products that provide out of this world results and aids in keeping my natural hair is serious check.  I believe I received my package within 4 days of purchasing this product; although I am sure results vary.  My wash day was around the corner and I was super close to seeing why this product was so highly requested and if it deserved all the hype!

Close up my results

So my wash day is underway and I am feeling optimistic as I grab for my DC!  This rich herbal DC claims to revitalize your dry, damaged locks & will leave your mane moisturized, tangle free and full of slip.  Awesome!  The main reason I wanted to try this particular DC is I wanted to find a DC that could potentially be used as a DC & detangler in one.  This product is known for its amazing slip properties and I need major slip to detangle my tightly coiled hair without causing any unnecessary breakage.  So my grand master plan was to not use a regular rinse out conditioner but use this product and really put it to the test as I detangle with it and DC my hair all in one!  Did this DC provide exactly what it claimed or was just getting my hopes up?

Results after using the DC

As soon as I opened the jar up oh my… I was greeted with the most delicious cinnamon smell!  Honestly, I couldn’t imagine you not liking this smell unless you just don’t care for the smell of cinnamon but it wasn’t overpowering at all and it was just enough to wake up every sense in my body.  The consistency was super slippery and it reminded me of my trusted Curl Rehab DC.  It has a semi thick texture that is light brown in color yet it was full of slip so it had a creamy fluffy texture overall.  Have you ever physically looked at a product before you touch it and you could see the moisture with your naked eye?  That is this product no doubt.  I began to section off my hair in the front and started applying the DC all over my hair focusing on every strand and making sure it was coated very well.  I was surprised how I didn’t need very much of the product to effectively coat my entire head. This product exceeded my expectations as I easily detangled my hair with very minimal shedding.  This product was easy to apply and became the fastest and most effortless detangler/DC I have ever used.  My hair loved this wonderful recipe and my curls already began to take form and spring back to life.  I was kind of speechless and in the words of my husband; that is not very often! This DC was an out of this world life saver detangler for my hair and I was starting to feel I just discovered my new love. 

Another view of my results 

I hopped out of the shower and now I was going to test the second phase of this DC to see how well it moisturized and nourished my hair. I slapped my plastic cap & heating cap and off to DC for 30 minutes I went. Time was up and I hopped back in the shower & rinsed out my DC with cold water. This DC rinsed out super easily and it literally felt like butter was being rinsed out of my hair. I noticed this DC moisturized my hair and my curls bounced back to life while my hair felt strengthened at the same time. My hair felt elongated, frizz free and loved at the same time. This product not only delivered on exactly what it claimed to provide my curls but it was multi-functional and I absolutely loved everything this product had to offer.

Full face view of my results 😉

Well, I don’t even think I need to ask you if you think I loved this DC… it was beyond awesome! My hair loved this gem of a product and I will most definitely be repurchasing it and incorporating this product into my hair regime. For me this product was love at first site and it surpassed all my wildest dreams of what it could do for my hair.  I am not sure if this is the missing piece to your puzzle with your hair regime but I highly recommend this for anyone with curls, coils and kinks who desire to pamper, nurture and moisturize your tresses with exceptional amounts of slip.  Thank you to the team of NaturelleGrow for providing such an awesome product.  My final thoughts are this DC was a touchdown, slam dunk and home run all in one for me!  Have any of you tried this product or any other products from this line? 


  • Shea Butter
  • Babbasu Oil
  • Marshmallow Root
  • Slippery Elm Bark
  • Burdock Root
  • Blue Malva

Weekly Power Thought – I feel there are so many boutique product lines that are just as wonderful if not even better than the popular well known hair care lines on the market.

Today’s Natural Hair Lingo
DC ⇒ Deep Conditioner
BC ⇒ Big Chop
Slip ⇒ How well a product aids with detangling/combing*Lifesaver*
CAN ⇒ Calling All Naturals
CGM ⇒ Curly Girl Method


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