My favorite protein treatment for my natural hair + quick breakdown!


w/ Curls, Coils & Kinks

I know many naturals fear protein treatments & they have created such a bad reputation & buzz in the black hair community. Trust me depending on your hair texture & characteristics this vital step may be just as important as moisturizing your hair.  I have learned the importance of a moisture protein balance for my texture of hair.  I noticed this with my hair as moisture became my only focus that I totally neglected strengthening my hair at the same time.  If you want to see how I learned to fix this issue & quickly keep reading! 😉 

I know one of the first thoughts we think of when protein treatments come to mind is hard & matted hair.  Maybe for old school treatments yes this was very true! Not to mention many people don’t use protein treatments properly. However they have come a long ways with formulating protein treatments that soften and strengthen the hair all in one. Although results vary with different treatments. I know there are many on the market but I will focus on the one I use as I have had most experience with. I use the Aphogee Keratin 2 Minute Reconstructor… my hair adores this treatment.  Wait… I know you are thinking Aphogee & Keratin oh heck no! (lol) Wait for it… this treatment did not leave my hair hard & stiff but left my hair soft & strengthened all in one for only 2 minutes!   You tell me who doesn’t have time for that?!   This treatment is very affordable and a little does go a long ways.  Not to mention to my surprise my curls are always extra defined after using this treatment.  
What is a protein treatment?
  • They are treatments aimed to add strength & resiliency to the hair. Protein treatments contain different protein ingredients that attach directly to the hair follicle resulting in hardening the cuticle layer. Protein treatments are vital due to the fact they fill in the gaps in your hair follicle forming a temporary bond. This is why repeated treatments are usually needed. Ultimately these treatments provides a barrier around each follicle which protects hair from further damage. Fun fact – our hair is made up of approximately 90% protein.
What are the different protein treatments?
  • Reconstructor – Widely used for severely damaged or moderately damaged hair (although I use a reconstructor my hair isn’t damaged at all however this treatment works best for my hair)
  • Deep Penetrating Treatment – Widely used for severely damaged or moderately damaged hair
  • Protein Packs – Maintenance 
  • Light Treatments – Maintenance
What are the benefits of protein treatments?
  • Strengthens hair follicles
  • Softens hair
  • Ultimate healthy hair = long hair
  • Works best in conjunction with moisture (moisture-protein balance)
Like most things in life a healthy balance is always key! I don’t think protein treatments need to be this scary process & ignored as our hair needs protein. If you hair naturally has more protein in it then great as you may need to balance that out more with moisture.  If you tend to lean on the side of your hair is super soft you may need to balance that out with more protein. If your hair is severely damaged you may need a deep penetrating treatment or reconstructor.  There are many factors – depends on your hair’s texture, porosity level, density, how damaged your hair is will all help determine how often you need a protein treatment & which kind of treatment. I would suggest too much protein can make your hair very rigid leading to dryness resulting ultimately in breaking.  Find where you stand and cater to your hair by making sure you keep a healthy moisture protein balance this is key. Always follow any protein treatment directions for best results & use the product properly. Do you have a favorite protein treatment?  As always thank you for reading! 😉

Weekly Power Thought –Like most things in life a healthy balance is always key!
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