Friends w/ Curls, Coils and Kinks Series ~ Featuring: Amy Taylor


*      1. What is your name/where are you from etc. & share with us a little bit about your natural hair characteristics? (Be as descriptive as possible) I am Amy Taylor, a down to earth Texas girl with Louisiana blood.  I’ve been natural since 2009.  As my hair grew, I have combination hair.  I am a 4b in the back and around the circumstance of my hair.  The middle will be a 3c or maybe 4.  It has no curl pattern.
*      2. How long have you been natural? I went natural on 07/12/2009, prior to that I did not perm my hair for a whole year.


*      3. Did you brave the BC or did you transition or? Technically I did transition but I did not know it because I was not interested in going natural.  I was just tired of perming my hair, and was doing a wash and go.  At times I would do a sewing wig or an old school press and curl with the marcel curling irons.  I went for my BC on 07/12/2009 so I thought.  That September I had a consult at a natural hair salon and was told I still had a few strings of perm in my hair.  It was recommended I see a barber who specializes in women’s cuts.  After visiting the barber, I walked out with that Florida Evan hair cut…lol.  I was officially A NATURAL SISTA!
*      4. What do you love most about being a naturalista? Being a naturalista has freed me up to buy more jewelry… hehe.
*     5. Have you experienced any challenges with being natural? If so…please explain. YES! My first winter my hair was a brittle pad and I stayed with a head cold from washing every day/every other day trying to keep it soft and moisturized.  No one told me winter was protective style season….lol I know now and it is the very first thing I tell all natural newbies.  Winter = Protective Stlyes + Moisuture Oil (a thicker oil like castor oil or an oil mixture)


*      6. How would you best describe your overall natural hair journey? AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*      7. Do you regret returning natural or was it the best decision for you? I do not regret going natural.  I have realized that natural hair is not for everyone.  As much as I would LOVE to see more natural sisters, it just does not work for all.
*      8. Did you have supportive friends and family members during your natural hair journey? Explain your overall experience. My family and friends were supportive but mainly because they thought I was have a mid-life crisis and was concerned about my mental health.  I lost my mother a few month prior to cutting my hair, so they thought I was grieving
*      9. How often do you experience strangers who want to touch your hair & live in it?! Feel free to share any funny stories! Everyone I meet want to touch my hair on the day I fro it out.
*      10. Looking back on your natural hair journey would you recommend the BC or transition to those who are thinking about returning natural?
I would suggest the transition.  That way you will fall into the routine of keeping your hair healthy and regular trims before the BC.


*      11. What is/are your Holy Grail natural hair product(s)?
Cantu Shea Butter product line.
*      12. Who was your biggest natural hair inspiration? One of my church members was my hair inspiration.  She assisted me in my first year of my journey.
*      13. If you are married, dating or in between…what does your man think about your natural hair? The men I’ve dated have actually loved my natural hair.
*      14. What are your favorite hairstyles? My favorite style is my up-do puff ball.  It’s in a protective style, add a few hair ornaments and it goes from casual to classy.


*      15. Any final words of advice for those who are contemplating returning natural? If one thinks going natural requires less work; that will be a negative.  You must maintain your hair to keep it healthy.  If you want a lazy style, loose natural is not it.  Even locs, twist, and coils require maintenance as well.  You will go through several products to see what works for you but do not become a product junkie.  Basics oils (olive, almond, grape seed, coconut oil) in your kitchen work just as well or even better than store bought products.

     Thank you Amy for being a part of my blog & sharing your story with others!  If you would like to be considered for this series please email this questionnaire back to me at: Don’t forget to attach along with the questionnaire at least 3 high resolution (no fuzzy or out of focus) pictures of you & your hair! People love visuals!! 😉 As always thank you for reading, your continuous support & inspiring others! I love comments… feel free to share. 
     Disclaimer: This feature will not only be posted & viewed on Calling All Naturals website but could potentially end up on Google+, Facebook, Pinterest & other social media outlets etc.

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