Awkward Phase?


w/ Curls, Coils & Kinks

If you conducted your Big Chop 6 months ago and now your TWA has taken a life of its own and started growing and forming… but you aren’t sure exactly into what I completely understand. What is a girl to do when you are just getting the hang of your BC cut and now it’s growing into a different stage and now you must figure out how to style and manage the “awkward stage”?  First, let’s focus on the positive … if you have reached this phase that is a sign your hair is growing right?! Bravo!

I am definitely in this phase right now and honestly I have one big bag of mixed emotions.  I am thankful for my growth progress I have made and yet there isn’t much I can really do to it… or is it?  This is the time to be creative and rock what you got.  I like to create different styles with my wash n go’s.  This is also a great time to experiment with different products and really learn your texture.  There are many styles ranging from twist outs, perm rods, curlformers and this list goes on and on of different tools to help you achieve a different look if you ever become bored with your hair during this phase in your natural hair journey.  My personal favorite style during this phase has been the high puff or even the low puff.  


Protective styling is always another option for many naturals who just prefer to help this phase go by faster. Although I wouldn’t personally recommend long term protective styling. As of now I have yet to try a protective style mainly due to the fact I am trying to take this opportunity to really understand my hair pattern and experiment some.  As always what works for one person may not work for another. Do what’s best for you and your circumstances just don’t be afraid of this phase learn to embrace it.  The beauty about natural hair is the ability for it to be so versatile and unique… so many different styles can be created from our hair.
All in all… is this phase just as awkward as people claim?  Hmm, I am not so sure now.  As for me it has definitely been unfamiliar and in the beginning quite daunting.  Slowly and surely day by day it has become easier and easier to manage… was this due to the fact I have tackled it straight on? Or was I learning to redefine beauty?  Maybe!  I think a lot of times we fear what we just don’t understand and aren’t familiar with.  I would highly recommend during this time to have fun and turn your awkward phase in your hair journey into an awesome phase! As I am still learning to navigate through this stage in my natural hair journey I am encouraged and determined to learn all I can and rock whatever stage I am in.  How are you dealing with your awkward stage in your natural hair journey? 


Weekly Power Thought – First, let’s focus on the positive … if you have reached this phase that is a sign your hair is growing right?! 

Today’s Natural Hair Lingo
CAN ⇒ Calling All Naturals
BC ⇒ Big Chop
TWA ⇒ Teeny Weenie Afro

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