As I am Leave in Conditioner ~ Product Review!

w/ Curls, Coils & Kinks

After I rediscovered how much I loved the As I am cleansing conditioner that reminded me that my friend gave me a bottle of the As I am Leave-in Conditioner that she didn’t care for. (Thanks Latoya!)  I love an effective leave-in and although they are somewhat new to my natural hair routine for my texture I feel this step is necessary! I thought this would be a perfect time to see if any other leave in could even come close to my staple Shea Moisture JBCO leave-in. If you are curious how this leave-in stacked up with my tight fickle coils & curls… then keep reading. To keep or not to keep?
I was pretty excited to see if this leave-in could possible deserve the right to be fit into rotation as I like to have several products from each category to work with. When I flipped this bottle over and looked at the ingredients I was very happy!  I thought well now my hair loves – coconuts & saw palmetto just to name a few. This bottle as you can see is packaged as an 8 fl. oz. bottle & although I didn’t purchase this one myself I researched a bit and found it’s very affordable around the price of $8.99. This product states this a great leave-in as a vital first step in styling.  This product also claims it will seal the cuticle layer, boost shine, and prepare your hair for styling. I would also like to point out it states on the bottle this product is especially beneficial when used before applying a custard, gel or twisting cream as part of your final styling.  Your hair will be well hydrated, softer shinier and more manageable – sounds great, right?  


Close up view after using the As I am Leave-In


Well, today is wash day & I decided to use this leave-in with its sister product the As I Co-wash to really see how well they played with each other. So I washed my hair with the wonderful co-wash, detangled with my trusted DC, DC with my heating cap for 30 min & just finished rinsing out my DC of choice!  I applied first my DIY water/aloe spray mix then I proceeded to add a small amount of leave-in all over my hair focusing on making sure I get complete coverage. This product is super light to the touch and almost has the translucent feel and look to it. This product also had more of a water based leave-in vs a cream based leave in.  I didn’t feel lots of slip to the touch but I did feel tons of moisture.  This product smells identical to the As I am Co-wash which will remind you of a citrus smell which I absolutely love.  

Close up view after using the As I am Leave-In

As I finished up working the leave in all over my hair it went on very nicely and I didn’t notice there was a ton of slip but enough that I could easily distribute the product all over my hair and to my surprise it felt so good on my hair.  I didn’t have to use a lot of product either to effectively coat my entire head – goodie goodie gum drop! I also want to make mention that this product didn’t battle my frizz as much as I am used to however I don’t like to put strikes on products that don’t claim to  provide a service that I am looking for. This product never claimed to control frizz and although it didn’t do a bad job I don’t feel it’s fair to strike it for something it doesn’t claim to do.  Frizz is a huge issue for some so I thought I point that out although different products work differently on various textures. Could this product be what the old saying claims – what is trash for someone else may be another man’s treasure??

Full face view of results after using the As I am Leave-In

YES! I actually really enjoyed this leave-in. I was pleasantly surprised. Let me try to break it down. I feel when judging a product I like to always see how well the product stacked up against with the company claims – and this product was a yes on almost every claim.  My hair was left super soft, more manageable, nice hold, left my hair shiny, and well hydrated. It also played well with my cream based styler! The only con I noticed is in the front of my hair where I slick it down – I always top off my hair in that place with a little aloe vera gel so my hair will not fly everywhere.  After I added some gel a little while later I looked in the mirror and I noticed an odd white residue. When I use my staple leave in I always have white product residue and it usually always goes away as it dries but this looked different. So I don’t know if it played well with my gel but it was only in that one spot everywhere else no product residue. Other than that I thought this product was a great success. It didn’t beat my old faithful leave-in but it definitely packed a strong punch by working its way into rotation! I hope this review was insightful and helps guide you along your natural hair product journey. Are you a leave in-natural & if so, what products worked their way into your product stash??


  • Extract of coconut
  • Amla
  • Sugar Beet Root
  • Green Tea
  • Lemon
  • Apple
  • Sugar Cane
  • Saw Palmetto



Weekly Power Thought – Could this product be what the old saying claims – what is trash for someone else may be another man’s treasure??



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DC ⇒ Deep Conditioner


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