Are you about this Natural Hair Life?

That natural hair life!



w/ Curls, Coils & Kinks

Let’s be honest oils, creams, rich butters, co-washes, doesn’t even began to scratch the surface of what the natural hair life is all about. I didn’t even know I was about that life until I was faced with my natural hair again. I had a choice to either embrace it or hide. Although I love exposing my natural curls and coils now… it’s not labeled a natural hair journey for nothing!  Not only did I transform from being hooked on relaxers but I decided to embrace returning natural and take everyone along with me as I do so.  What does it mean to be about this natural hair life so many of us rave about & I know some of you are wondering is it for you?  All opinions are based on my personal natural hair journey & experiences.

I remember watching many videos and reading various articles where naturals expressed that returning natural was one of the best decisions they have ever made.  I admit although I didn’t fully understand where they were coming from it didn’t stop me from being curious.  I chose to peek inside the natural hair world and see if there was any room for me & if I would fit in there?  Why were so many naturals happy exposing their natural texture of hair?  I am the kind of person even if I don’t quite understand something I don’t like to judge but become more familiar with the subject so I can fully understand.  Knowledge for me helped elevate great understanding.
Researching and becoming more familiar with the natural hair life definitely boosted my understanding and appreciation for our textures of hair.  I learned not only by putting harsh chemicals on my head into my body was not safe but that all curls, coils and kinks we were born with is not only beautiful but freeing.  I realized I didn’t need validation from others to tell me what is beautiful but I had to embrace what I had and recognize it as beautiful. When you grow up grasping that straight hair is more accepting and beautiful in the eyes of your peers you naturally want to impress and fit in with others.  Once you realize you no matter what my texture is it is beautiful and my peers will accept it and except me for me you can then begin to fully understand & embrace this natural hair life.
The natural hair life for me was all about self-acceptance more so than pleasing others.  I had to learn to love myself as is and reprogram my thoughts to match up with positive thoughts about natural hair.  Don’t confuse this natural hair life with trying to prove you have the most accepting hair texture but that you have the best hair texture for you made just for you.  Natural hair is intricately designed and unique is so many ways.  Take the time to learn your hair texture and what makes it stand out the best.  I think there is a huge misconception about natural hair being challenging to take care of.  Unique & different yes… but it can be easily managed with work & practice.  Being a doctor is a challenging field but doesn’t stop people from entering medical school.  Embrace the challenge, make it your own, learn all you can, and find a method that works best for you and your schedule.
I would always suggest learning to appreciate the hair you have and make it work best for you. This natural hair life is a fun & exciting journey best suited for those who want to make the most of this journey and be a part of such a fast growing natural hair community.  I always try to be mindful this natural hair life for me isn’t about me proving to the world how beautiful my hair is but me just being who I am! When you wonder if you could be about this natural hair life try to remember God doesn’t make any mistakes… so if you have been dancing around the thought of returning natural I hope you dance in the light! Are you ready to leave the darkness behind?

Weekly Power Thought –Knowledge for me helped elevate great understanding.

Today’s Natural Hair Lingo
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Natural Hair Life ⇒ Journey of wearing your natural hair texture


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