My 8 Favorite YouTube Inspirations ~ Natural Hair Edition

YouTube Natural Hair Guru: Naptural85


w/ Curls, Coils & Kinks

When I first began my daunting task of embarking on my natural hair journey I quickly became eternally thankful to each one of these YouTuber’s who helped guide, educate and set me on a fabulous path to natural hair greatness! They are all so unique and provided me with such different valuable knowledge about this so unfamiliar natural hair world I all of a sudden was a part of. I will highlight and introduce them all to you although I know most of them are your favorites too and really don’t need any introduction as they have been game changers in the natural hair industry! Sit back relax and see who has been helping me along my journey in the virtual hair world. 😉

YouTube Natural Hair Guru: Naptural85

Naptural85Hands down my favorite Natural Hair Guru! Whitney has transformed & helped set so many of us naturals on a path for natural hair success. She is all about healthy hair care and having fun all in one. Longevity mixed with her fun research gave this phenomenon YouTuber knowledge and much success. She is a famous DIY hair queen and makes natural hair care practical and super affordable while utilizing most ingredients that are already in your kitchen! Her awesome hair growth and fun and spunky personality make her a must watch and my favorite natural hair guru! You will never have a dull moment with this popular YouTuber. 😉

YouTube Natural Hair Guru: SmartistaBeauty
SmartistaBeauty – I love watching this well- known and favorite YouTuber! Her hair color says it all… FIERCE! If you are a natural who enjoys coloring your hair and love to try unique and bold statements with your natural hair then this YouTuber will definitely get the job done. Her hair has become a popular hair statement along with her artsy & unique personality. She makes natural hair not only cool but has learned to perfect her hair natural hair but also teaches us how to rock our natural tresses. This foodie and hair guru will not only teach you how to take care of your natural hair but may have you digging even deeper to try something new and expand your boundaries!
YouTube Natural Hair Guru: Brandi Lofton
Brandi Lofton – This YouTuber quickly became one of my natural hair wonders. Her ever so classy personality mixed with her very versatile hair styles makes her a must watch. I always manage to learn something new and she has given me tons of ideas to try when my hair does reach a certain length. She brings very practical tips and will even have you trying new things from time to time. She does love to play around a lot with hair color while maintaining healthy natural hair. This quickly growing YouTuber is definitely a must watch as she always manages to maintain her classy personality, healthy and stylish hair styles for all naturals!
YouTube Natural Hair Guru: BlakIzBeautyful
BlakIzBeautyful – This award winning YouTuber is a complete package in one! She has been in the natural hair world for quite some time now. Her seasoned knowledge and desire to educate naturals has catapulted her straight to the top. If you have any questions about a product chances are she has tried it! She loves to experiment and try different products while educating you on becoming a healthier you… hair, body and soul. If you are looking for a natural to help guide you through your natural hair journey… I would highly recommend Jenell B. Stewart!
YouTube Natural Hair Guru: Mo Knows Hair
Mo Knows Hair – This popular natural hair YouTuber is all about knowledge and educating you on finding out what works best for you and your texture of hair. I love how she breaks it down and takes her time to explain in detail how to achieve great hair! Her channel is like class for naturals and you will not be disappointed as she shows you how to be the best you while displaying naturals with all different textures. She will educate you, show you how to, and give you her best advice to help you to get to know your hair texture and what works best for you. If you are ready for natural hair class and eager to learn this YouTuber is it!
YouTube Natural Hair Guru: Mini Marley
Mini Marley – Love this YouTuber! Her fun personality mixed with her love for natural hair makes her one of my favorites. I love how exited she gets to show us how she rocks her natural hair. She loves to experiment with color, cuts, and keeping her hair fresh & unique. If you love to rock your fro or sport your natural hair with your define curls… this YouTuber will help you achieve and rock both!
YouTube Natural Hair Guru: NapturalElenore

NapturalElenore – This YouTuber is one of the latest naturals to grab my attention and keep it! Her tight curls are very similar to mine and she has taught me a lot about our very similar texture of hair. Her videos are very easy to follow and understand. She makes natural hair care not only seem easy but fun as well. She will break it all down and show you how to achieve your best results with tight curls. She loves to experiment with natural hair products & even her love for makeup. If you are trying to figure out how to tame your frizzy tight curls then this YouTuber is one of the best at doing that!

YouTube Natural Hair Guru: SunKissAlba

SunKissAlba – I absolutely love what this YouTuber is all about! She bleeds healthy and organic lifestyle and becoming a healthier you… including your hair! She will show you how to achieve fabulous hair with love while using an all-natural approach. She believes in using only but the best ingredients and maintaining a healthy hair regime and lifestyle. She will teach you while what you put you put on your hair is important at the same time don’t neglect what we feed our bodies as well. Her overall approach to natural hair care is quite unique and given her much success. If you want to transform your hair, body and soul… she is a must watch!

I hope you enjoyed taking a peek into some of my favorite natural hair YouTubers! They are all so uniquely different and together have helped me achieve the best me possible. If you are a seasoned natural or just scratched the surface of the natural hair world trust me any of these could help elevate your natural hair journey. Take time to research, learn and apply! Did I mention any of your YouTube FAVS??


Weekly Power Thought – They are all so unique and provided me with such different valuable knowledge about this so unfamiliar natural hair world I all of a sudden was a part of.

Today’s Natural Hair Lingo
CAN = Calling All Naturals



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