Winterize Your Natural Hair Regimen – Winter Edition ~ Volume I

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w/ Curls, Coils & Kinks

I think it’s safe to say it’s winter time for most of us, right?! Last winter I experienced how to manage a TWA during winter but now that I have a head full of hair – game on! I have seen many naturals talk about winter regimen vs. summer regimen. Although I personally believe in giving your hair just as much attention in the summer vs. winter there are a few ideas, tricks and suggestions I have that will aid in making sure your hair is tangle free, moisturized without a dry scalp! A lot of naturals love to protective style during the winter and if you are one of them – no biggie if that works best for you and your curls, coils and kinks… just please don’t neglect your hair! Let’s take the time & resources we have been given to ensure your hair isn’t dry & brittle this winter. Calling all dry naturals with itchy scalps… tired curls, coils and kinks!

Co-wash & shampoo – This would be the time of the year to back away slowly from the shampoo and run to your co-wash!  I am all for a healthy balance of co-wash vs. shampoo but if your hair is really dry during these winter months and scalp is always flaking then how often you shampoo may need to be cut back. If you choose to shampoo always use a sulfate free moisturizing shampoo this will ensure more moisture stays on your hair and doesn’t get stripped. We naturals don’t need any additional help on losing moisture. Co-washing is a staple routine of mine and I make sure to use one that has cleansing properties and will ensure to leave my hair soft, moisturized, tangle free and curls defined. *Remember co-wash IN – shampoo LIMIT!

Hair Moisturizers – Moisture is the key! I would highly recommend a rich butter or cream during the winter months. A lot of naturals complain about not retaining moisture very well during the winter months. If you normally in the summer moisturize your hair once a week or every 4-5 days… then you may need to bump that intake up. I personally moisturize daily whether I am going somewhere or not… I make my hair a priority. It takes me no longer than a few minutes to do so and is super beneficial. Finding a fabulous hair moisturizer may take you some time but trust me when do your hair will thank you. I always spritz my hair with my DIY hair refresher prior to adding my hair moisturizer to help the moisturizer better penetrate my hair shaft. I don’t know the science behind it – just that it works fabulous! *Remember there are many ways to give your hair a moisture boost – hair moisturizer is a great start.

Oils – I know you are like wait – oils don’t moisturize?! True – although there are moisturizing oils and sealing oils. What’s the difference? Moisturizing oils are able to penetrate the hair shaft and are best used with water based leave in or water. These oils are best used to oil the scalp and banish those winter flakes. Examples: Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, and Avocado Oil. Sealing oils are used to lock in the moisture and don’t penetrate the hair shaft. These types of oils sit on the hair which makes them excellent for shine. Examples: JBCO, Grapeseed, and Jojoba. I personally like to oil my scalp daily and seal in my moisture with my hair oil especially during these winter months. If you seal in your hair with oil after you moisturize your hair your moisture level remains intact a lot longer. *Remember if you suffer from a dry itchy, flaky scalp – oil your scalp when needed to shut this issue down. 😉

HOT(Hot Oil Treatment) – I love giving my hair and scalp this ridiculous effective treatment. You can apply an HOT before you wash your hair or after you wash your hair as it is super versatile. I have even slept overnight with mine as I was on a super conditioning kick. HOT are so beneficial as they will soften, detangle, moisturize and will make your curls, coils and kinks pop! I didn’t do many of these this summer but now that the weather has changed I will be bumping up this treatment to pamper my curls and bring them back to life. * Remember when your curls this winter just need a pick me up – make sure you PICK up a HOT as it will deeply treat your hair like no other!

Leave-In Conditioner – I know some naturals feel for their texture some LIC’s are just way too heavy for the summer – but for the winter it’s a necessity! Most naturals will agree with me that conditioners are a naturals best friend so how amazing is it use one that you can leave in. A good LIC will perform as a first level of protection and nourishment for your hair. My LIC not only moisturizes, adds shine, strengthens, and defines my curls but preps them for other steps. As the winter environment leaves our hair dry and thirsty this product will ensure to effectively treat and condition your hair. *Remember winter isn’t the best time to skip a good LIC!

Protein Treatment – I use the Aphogee Keratin 2 Minute Reconstructor and my hair loves this vital step in my hair regimen. I know I have mentioned a lot about moisture levels but I never want to neglect the protein/strength levels of our hair. Strong and healthy hair is less likely to shed, break, or end up dry and brittle. A lot of naturals fear protein treatments due to bad experiences with other treatments but this one will soften and strengthen your hair all in one and only takes 2 minutes! As I always I believe in keeping your moisture/protein level in check especially in these winter months.*Remember if you are properly moisturizing your hair and your experiencing shedding/breakage/damaged hair this winter try this protein treatment!

Stylers – Battle of creams vs. gels – My hair personally year round works best with creams over gels but I know many naturals prefer gels as their stylers. Gels tend to be on the drying side and during these winter months I would highly recommend limiting your gel usage and opt for moisturizing based creams. If you must use a gel I would suggest a botanical gel or even a moisturizing gel. Another tip I would suggest if you prefer not to limit your gel usage make sure before you apply your gel you deeply moisturize your hair before application. *Remember cream stylers IN – gels LIMIT.

Deep Conditioners – Last but certainly not least… who doesn’t love a fabulous deep conditioner?! This treatment I do religiously all year round as it will restore life back to your hair. If you aren’t much of a DC fan in the summer please don’t skip this vital step as your hair needs to be conditioned weekly. DC’s will also help you maintain moisture in your hair along a host of many other benefits. I personally love most of the DC’s from the Shea Moisture line if you are looking for any suggestions. You can also create a DIY recipe of your own from many ingredients you probably have in your kitchen. Also if you don’t own a heating cap to help maximize your DC treatment & penetration I would highly recommend during the winter months.*Remember whether it’s summer or winter this step should always be a part of your weekly hair regime.

Extra Tips 

  • Water Water Water… drink plenty of water
  • Detangle GENTLY & with tons of conditioner
  • Keep your hands out of your hair when it’s not necessary
  • Invest in a satin pillowcase or satin scarf
  • Invest in a steamer
  • Limit heat
  • Protective style
Have you winterized your hair regimen lately?

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Weekly Power Thought – A lot of naturals love to protective style during the winter and if you are one of them – no biggie if that works best for you and your curls, coils and kinks… just please don’t neglect your hair!

Today’s Natural Hair Lingo
CAN = Calling All Naturals
BC = Big Chop
TWA = Teeny Weeny Afro
DC = Deep Conditioner
LIC = Leave in Conditioner
Co-wash = Cleansing Conditioner


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