Perfecting the Wash N Go ~ Q/A Natural Hair Edition – Volume I

w/ Curls, Coils & Kinks
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Some love it and some have sworn it off forever the ever so popular and hated Wash N Go! I am here to answer the BIG Wash N go questions! My hair personally loves it and knows this popular style ever so intimately. I think many feel that they can’t achieve a successful WNG; but perhaps it’s more of they can but aren’t quite used to the results they achieve due to the fact they are wishing their results looked like someone else’s they know or have seen. I am all for appreciating all textures of natural hair but be very careful with hair envy as you may never be satisfied with what you have! I will kind of give you my personal tips and guideline to achieve your best WNG however feel free to experiment and find what works best for you. These tips will guide you in the right direction and maybe give you a second thought at giving this versatile care free style a second chance. Wash… Style… Wash N Go!
What is a Wash N Go style? 
Well, I have seen many definitions of this… but for me it’s a low manipulation style where you wash, style and go on about your business! Some say well it’s not a true WNG if you are doing a second step after washing; I say don’t get stuck on the logistics just do what works best for you and your WNG.
How do you achieve your best Wash N Go?
Simple that is all up to you. I am a big fan of doing your research then trying a few things until you strike gold! A successful WNG isn’t about trying to make sure you end up with the same results as your natural friends and family members but more so about learning your texture, curl pattern and how to best define your natural texture. Sure there are tons of products on the market which can be a good and bad thing but never forget that they only enhance what you have not create something that isn’t there.
Why do I think many people fail at the Wash N Go?
I actually don’t think many people fail at this style at all rather they set themselves up for failure with how they THINK their WNG should look. Whether you have tight coils or loose curls or kinky waves all are a great recipe for a WNG. You just have to figure out what technique works best for you along with picking great products to help show off your curls, coils and kinks. For the rest of you who have been experiencing inconsistencies with your WNG that’s normal as only time and practice will help you there.
What are my favorite Wash N Go essentials?
As of now I have conducted a lot of WNG’s and I am always and still learning but I have acquired a great regimen.
  • Great co-wash or mild cleanser
  • Conditioner full of slip for detangling
  • Awesome (moisturizing & strengthening) Deep Conditioner
  • 5 star Leave In Conditioner
  • LOC method for styling & moisturizing
What are my Wash N Go tips?
  • Leave you expectations at the door and keep your mind open to your results as things can always be improved with time and practice.
  • Detangling is a MUST and not only that but proper detangling. You want to make sure you aren’t damaging your hair during this process and your hair is being thoroughly detangled. I find that detangling is the main reason my hair is so clumped and my curls are super defined prepping for styling.
  • Lightly detangle when you are co-washing/shampooing your hair & make sure you get a clean scalp
  • Keep your hair moisturized at all times
  • Condition & Leave In Condition & Deep Condition your hair weekly
  • Keep up your protein treatments, hot oil treatments or any other pampering treatment(s) you like to give yourself
  • Apply your styling products on soaking wet hair. I don’t even use a t-shirt anymore. Our hair is most defined at its wettest state so if you apply product on wet hair it will set in that style.
  • Products – research, find and try products best designed for your texture of hair
  • Technique – most of them for the WNG are the same. However feel free to switch it up if need be.
  • I like to shake my hair once it’s completely styled from side to side to side helping my curls clump even further.
  • Sleep with satin scarf/bonnet or pillow.
  • After you wash, style… leave your hair alone until it’s dried or completely all together. No hands in hair!

I hope these tips and our conversation helps you not only achieve your best Wash N Go but that you learn to enjoy the process as well. One helpful tip as many naturals who love to sport the WNG style complain about shrinkage… remember shrinkage means your hair is being properly moisturized and ultimately means your hair is healthy so just embrace it! I know for many the popular WNG style may not be your go to style and that is fine but I love giving naturals options. At the end of the day you may not like your end result of your signature WNG but try not to get that confused with the thought that we all can’t achieve a WNG style successfully. I wish you much success, love and Wash N Go happiness! Do you love the Wash N Go style or hate it? Chow until next time. xoxo ♥

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Weekly Power Thought – I am all for appreciating all textures of natural hair but be very careful with hair envy as you may never be satisfied with what you have!
Today’s Natural Hair Lingo 
CAN ⇒ Calling All Naturals
WNG ⇒ Wash N Go
Co-wash ⇒ Cleansing Conditioner
DC ⇒ Deep Conditioner
Slip ⇒ How well a product aids with detangling/combing*Lifesaver*
L.O.C. Method – Liquid/or Leave In – Oil  – Cream ⇒ 3 Step process for moisturizing natural hair
Weekly Natural Hair Care Savings


3 thoughts on “Perfecting the Wash N Go ~ Q/A Natural Hair Edition – Volume I

  1. Oreada says:

    Hi I really enjoyed reading your blog because now it’s giving me some ideas about how to do my natural hair because I’m new to this so it’s two years without any products in my hair and I still really don’t know how to style my hair so I would appreciate it if you could email me or give me some tips because I’m still struggling with the natural hair thank you


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