Bentonite Clay Mask on Natural Hair – Aztec Healing Clay Results! ~ Volume I

w/ Curls, Coils & Kinks

I am finally getting around to trying this popular hair treatment featuring the healing ingredient Bentonite Clay! I have seen many tutorials and the vast benefits many naturals claim this ingredient gave their hair. Now, I am not a complete stranger to the Bentonite Clay as I use this healing powder every week as a part of my facial mask… which has performed wonders for my skin. I will take you step by step on how I tackled this treatment on my hair, the benefits, and my overall thoughts. If you have been as curious as I have been about this treatment then you are in for a real treat!

What is Bentonite Clay? –  Bentonite Clay is composed of ash made from volcanoes. It’s a absorbent clay that is widely known as one of the most effective and powerful healing clay. Can be used externally and internally.


What are the benefits of Bentonite Clay? 
  • Heals Eczema, Dermatitis, & Psoriasis
  • Use is baths as a soaking liquid to remove toxins from the body
  • Ultimate cleanser and detoxifies
  • Remove toxins & lift impurities from hair & scalp
  • Frizz Buster
  • Leaves hair conditioned, soft, shiny and curls defined
Bentonite Clay recipe I tried: (Don’t use any metal bowls or utensils) I used plastic.
  • 3 oz. of Bentonite Clay (Aztec Healing Clay)
  • 3 oz. of Aloe Vera Juice
  • 1 oz. of Apple Cider Vinegar
  • 1 TBSP of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Bentonite Clay mixture

How did I create my hair clay mask? – It was pretty simple. I added all the ingredients one by one into my plastic bowl. Once all the ingredients were added I then proceeded to mix and mix well until I ended up with a creamy consistency. It’s really up to you if you want to add more ingredients or not as I like my paste really creamy and not thick. You can adjust accordingly. The main thing is to make sure you mix your ingredients thoroughly. The ACV will create a bubbling/foaming sensation so don’t be alarmed that’s normal. Once I achieved desired consistency then I set aside.

How did I apply this treatment? – As I was researching about the best order in which to incorporate this treatment into my wash day routine I decided to add it in before I washed my hair. So essentially the order would go like this: clay mask, co-wash (optional), condition & detangle, DC, and then style. I thought I would play it by ear and kind of make decisions as I go. I grabbed my spray bottle and dampened my hair with water then proceeded to add this mask all over. For my first time I primarily focused on my hair strands and not my scalp although it’s wonderful for both. The overall application of the mask wasn’t too hard to apply but the mask did start to harden a lot faster than I was hoping so I felt a bit rushed. I then worked the mask throughout my entire head and when I felt I had good enough coverage I let it sit and harden slightly for 15 minutes.

Clay mixture applied to my hair


How was the rinse out process? – After 15 minutes of letting the mask sit and harden I went to go wash it out. I read a lot of reviews that you shouldn’t let it harden too much as it makes it hard to rinse out of your hair but as I started to rinse this mask out it rinsed out super easily just like my face mask! I was amazed at how little effort it took to completely rinse this mask out of my hair. I then proceeded with the duration of my wash day routine.

Arial view of my final results


Results – I think I have mixed reviews! After completely rinsing out the product my hair felt super clean and definitely detoxified of everything that my hair came in contact with that week (lol)! So with that in mind it did its job no doubt. On the other side my hair felt so clean that all moisture was loss and it felt stripped to the touch. If you remember I created a DIY shampoo with Rhassoul Clay and that clay left my hair super moisturized and clean to the touch. I didn’t know if I would co-wash my hair as I was trying to play it by ear but after the stripped feeling it left my hair I then knew I had to co-wash to add more moisture back to help offset the super clean feel. So, you are probably wondering will I use this treatment again?

Close up view of side curls – final results

FINAL THOUGHTS – YES! I think I may switch up the ingredients and add a few more oils to the mix and I also think I will dampen my hair more than I did prior to application of the mask. Although the mask by itself didn’t leave my hair soft and moisturized it did deep clean my hair like no other and our hair & scalp does need to be deep cleaned from time to time. In the end after I completed my entire wash day routine my hair looked fabulous! It was left soft, super defined, moisturized, super clean, and shiny! I had fun experimenting with this healing clay and learned a few things in the process. I will incorporate what I have learned and go back to drawing board to see if I can fix a few things for even better results. Have you tried Bentonite Clay Hair Mask? What were your results? ♥

Back view of my hair – final results


Weekly Power Thought: I will incorporate what I have learned and go back to drawing board to see if I can fix a few things for even better results.

Today’s Natural Hair Lingo
CAN ⇒ Calling All Naturals
DC ⇒ Deep Conditioner
Co-Wash ⇒ Cleansing Conditioner

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4 thoughts on “Bentonite Clay Mask on Natural Hair – Aztec Healing Clay Results! ~ Volume I

  1. teamsavingourstrands says:

    I live for a good clay wash! For my hair—I noticed that the results were cumulative. I’ve done a clay rinse every week for the last month and my hair is crazy shiny, with defined curls, and moisture that lasts. I also pre-shampoo with conditioner first, rinse, then do the rinse. This really helps amp up the moisture factor.

    Thanks for sharing!
    KLP @


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