EDEN BodyWorks Coconut Shea Curl Defining Creme ~ Product Review!


w/ Curls, Coils & Kinks

I am back to give you another product review from this line… EDEN BodyWorks! I was given this product at a hair event and although my success record with this line hasn’t stacked up too well you know I refuse to waste products. The All Natural Curl Defining Creme is very popular with many naturals so I was secretly hoping for great results for myself. As I try yet another product from this line I am reminded to hope for the best but if things don’t turn out the way I like that’s fine too as I rather know for sure then to be left wondering. How did my hair like this product?!

As another wash day approaches I am excited to see how well this product will help define my curls. This product is packages in a 16 fl. oz. jar and retails at most store for $8.49 so it’s super affordable. This product claims it’s a humidity-resistant formulation designed to refine and separate curls and waves. This product infuses moisture to strengthen hair, provides frizz control, and optimizes style definition. If you are looking for frizz free defined curls with medium hold then this product was formulated with you in mind. I was kind of confused if this product was best for a wash n go or a twist out but I have seen most naturals use it for their wash n go’s. The ingredients seem to be fairly nourishing as they include shea butter and coconut oil just to name a few. I did see a few ingredients or the location of certain ingredients that made me go “hmmm” but I still took one for the team and wanted to give this product a try. Did the Curl Defining Creme do its job for me and my curls?!

Close up view


Today is the day! So I completed majority of my wash day routine and head off to the styling phase of my wash day. I would like to point out in case you are wondering I did apply while in the shower a detangling leave in product by Shea Moisture. I follow the LOC/LCO Method so I absolutely feel it’s important to use a leave in. If you are familiar at all with EBW products then you have already smelled this product as they are all the same. The smell reminds of just faint clean water or air. It’s not a strong smell at all and some may say they actually don’t smell much at all. I don’t love the smell or hate. The consistency is thick and rich with moisture. I can actually feel the moisture as I rub the product between my palms. This product like most of the products in this line just don’t have enough slip for me. As you know my coily hair needs as much slip as possible. No slip check! How about the rest?

Back view


As I started to work this product in my hair sections at a time I was thankful I decided to use my detangling leave in as this would have been even longer to work this product into my hair. The product itself is very moisturizing to the touch and on my hair I just didn’t feel it was defining my curls like they are used to being defined. This product didn’t leave a white residue in my hair. I think that might be due to the fact I used a translucent leave in vs. a cream based leave in. I personally prefer my hair to have a white residue upon completion of my styling as I feel it gives me ultimate definition and hold. The white residue as it dries will disappear. I already knew where this product review was heading… do you?


Full face view


FINAL THOUGHTS: I tried guys! This product just did NOT do it for me. My hair was still curly as that is my natural texture but my curls weren’t defined at all. This product also appeared to make my hair very frizzy which it claims it will take care of that issue. I am fine with some frizz can’t combat it all but one big frizz ball… no ma’am! The only area where I feel this product got it right for me was the level of moisture as my hair did feel moisturized and gave it a nice medium hold. Although I am not sure you can even tell from the pictures that my hair looks moisturized. I am not really sure if it’s this products’ formulation as most of the ingredients my hair loves. I did notice Glycerin towards the bottom of the ingredients line and usually when that happens my hair doesn’t like a product. Unfortunately I like definition and moisture so I will NOT be purchasing this product. However, perhaps I will try it out on a twist out and compare the results. Do you have a favorite styling product that provides you with exceptional definition and moisture? Until next time… thank you for reading! Chow ~


Weekly Power Thought: As I try yet another product from this line I am reminded to hope for the best but if things don’t turn out the way I like that’s fine too as I rather know for sure then to be left wondering.

Today’s Natural Hair Lingo
CAN ⇒ Calling All Naturals
EBW ⇒ EDEN BodyWorks
LOC Method ⇒ Liquid or Leave In, Oil, Cream
Co-Wash ⇒ Cleansing Conditioner


2 thoughts on “EDEN BodyWorks Coconut Shea Curl Defining Creme ~ Product Review!

  1. Latoya says:

    Well at least you tried. I don’t think I’ve found a product that provides moisture and definition all in one. Oh wait…maybe Camille Rose Curl Maker gel. In addition, Ecostyler gel along with some other gels give me definition.


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