Natural Hair ~ Fad Or Here To Stay?

Calling All Naturals w/ Curls, Coils & Kinks


Is it me or did natural hair just burst on the scene like all of a sudden?! Maybe I was living in a bubble perhaps but one day long straight relaxed hair was the big style of choice the next time I turn around everyone was embracing their natural hair and it appeared to happen overnight! I then started wondering in life as fads come and go is natural hair here to stay or was this just a temporary movement? Secretly I always favored natural hair inwardly but never ever thought I would ever be brave enough to proudly rock my natural hair. As I personally have decided to tackle natural hair and embrace my natural hair journey let me shower you with thoughts of why I believe natural hair is not going anywhere and is here to stay!

Freedom– Let’s be honest life isn’t valued nearly as much when we aren’t free to be exactly who God created us to be. I strive everyday to leave a true and authentic life. Does wearing your hair relaxed make you fake or not free… absolutely not! However, your motives well catapult you to the level based upon what you are representing or expecting. Although I was hesitant slightly about returning natural as soon as I big chopped I instantly was greeted with such freedom to express myself just the way I wanted and in my own way. I know longer have to get a relaxer but I am blessed with the opportunity to play around with products and tools to be help best describe who I am and watch my hair take notice and follow. There is nothing more rewarding than being truly set free from all labels and create your own path your way.

Rewarding Journey – Life is truly special when you chose to enjoy the different journeys in our lives. I had no idea when I returned natural how exciting and fulfilling my natural hair journey would be. I have had so much fun getting to know my curls and what makes them thrive. I feel such a sense of accomplishment when I able to successfully find a regimen or product that was designed for my hair. I even have had a unique appreciation for when things haven’t gone my way and having to fall and get back up and try again. We aren’t truly living to our full potential if we aren’t willing to stretch ourselves and trying something new. We all have journeys in life make sure you are making the most of yours so you will miss out on what is truly important.

Self Expression – I have never in my life seen so many people express their styles and personalities like I have with naturals. I find natural hair not only unique is design but extremely diverse in what it can and can’t do. Naturalistas not only take the time to get to know exactly their hair type but create the new normal and embrace their hair texture. Natural hair is truly a statement piece of its own and doesn’t need much more to make its presence known. I applaud many naturals who have decided to not let society or the ignorance of others keep them from being naturally happy and proud. As we continue to evolve through this natural hair world I have a new found appreciation for naturals love of self expression through our natural hair. Rock it as self expression never goes out of style!

Timeless Style – People have been natural long before we decided to collectively worldwide create this natural hair phenomenon. Although we are starting to appreciate our natural hair texture natural hair has always been on the scene. Beauty is definitely not defined by outward appearances alone but when mixed with confidence and timeless style longevity is written all over that. I think as more people began to explore and test the waters with the thought of returning natural they will then began to see why so many people are returning natural and why it’s here to stay. Whether you are a seasoned natural, recently returned natural, or contemplating returning natural one common factor is crystal clear… natural hair is timeless therefore it will never lose its matchless appeal and beauty.

Happiness – Although this is fueled by our thought life one thing I noticed when I returned natural was my level of happiness shifted. I seemed to have more joy and happiness was banging on my door. I was leery on letting happiness in due to the fact I was just trying to learn and grasp the unfamiliar natural hair world. As soon as I saw all we good actually great I let happiness in. I didn’t have to compete or worry about being like anymore but me. Although you can experience hair envy when you are natural this side effect most of the time gets banished when you begin to love your hair just the way it is. Honestly you have no choice can’t change it so embrace it. It’s wonderful as many people are returning natural everyday and how they express such happiness. What a joy it is to be you and evolve daily into something uniquely beautiful. Although we aren’t defined solely by our looks what a treat it is when your outside appearance is in agreement with how you feel on the inside… don’t you agree? Chow ♥

Do you feel natural hair is a fad or here to stay?

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Weekly Power Thought:  There is nothing more rewarding than being truly set free from all labels and create your own path your way.

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