1st Time Diffusing w/ DevaFuser & Revlon Turbo Lightweight/1875 W Blow Dryer!

Calling All Naturals w/ Curl, Coils & Kinks


New year new hair tools sounds like a perfect recipe for natural hair success, right? My husband bought this for me during the holidays and I was so excited to see what was the big deal about diffusing natural hair vs air drying. I personally love to air dry and proud to say I haven’t used any direct heat on my hair since my BC! However, now that I am living it up with cold, snowy and icy weather conditions this popular tool couldn’t have come at a better time for me to test out! If you aren’t too familiar with this tool it’s called the DevaFuser which is a universal diffuser attachment. If you would like a breakdown and to see my 1st time results using this hair tool then let’s get started!

What is it & benefits? – DevaFuser is a unique, universal diffuser that delivers 360° airflow to completely surround your curls, coils & kinks even at your roots. The patented DevaFuser design enhances the appearance of natural curls, dries curly hair faster than traditional diffusers, while creating extreme body and touchable volume. This tool retails for $44.95 at www.devacurl.com.

How to use it?

  • Insert the barrel of the hair dryer into the end of the DevaFuser
  • Push the DevaFuser onto the hair dryer gently, making sure that it’s firmly attached.
  • Turn the hair dryer on setting the heat to low or medium temperature. Lower temperatures are gentler on curls and will reinforce all of the benefits of suing the DevaFuser (more shine, less frizz, and more natural texture).
  • Do not use more than medium heat as overheating can cause damage to both the hair dryer and the diffuser.
  • Begin holding the DevaFuser near the scalp to dry roots first. Then cradle the ends of the curls in the DevaFuser and bring it up to the scalp so the hair is “scrunched” in the DevaFuser, and hold.
  • To remove the DevaFuser, grasp above the band and pull gently to separate from the hair dryer.


My Results – Although I love air drying my hair… a girl has to have options especially when you don’t desire to go outside in frigid cold weather with wet hair. I started off reading the instructions and came up with a game plan. My hair was freshly washed and I applied all my products and was ready to diffuse. I gave my hair one big good shake all over to help loosen my tightly curly hair. I styled my hair in the exact position I wanted it to dry. I am a firm believer with natural hair once you style don’t touch it anymore until it dries! The main reason I wanted to try this particular diffuser was due to the fact is was designed for curly hair girls like me who want to banish frizz while creating dry shiny supple curls. Did it?


DF 2


Well, I turned the drier on low with warm temperature and placed the diffuser throughout my hair focusing all over my hair. I probably didn’t focus enough on my roots as I wanted to play around with it a little since this is my first time using it. I noticed I needed more of a heat boost so I changed my setting from low to high as I didn’t have a medium setting. Yes! That heat felt extremely good against my hair and I noticed then my hair was really starting to dry without becoming too dry in the process. I would switch from side to side front to back trying to mainly focus on my front. My hair is extremely thick and when I air dry it takes an entire day to fully dry. After about only 15 minutes or so… my hair was about 50% dry! BIG difference! The unique claw design of the DevaFuser was easy to place throughout my hair without disturbing my curl pattern or desired style… was it enough to live up to all the hype?


DF 3


FINAL THOUGHTS – This DevaFuser is stellar! I was extremely impressed especially since it’s my first time using it and how easy it was to use and how well it performed. I didn’t fully dry my hair due to time constraints but it was completely dry in the front. My curls were left super defined, soft to the touch, shiny, my hair product absorbed nicely into my hair, frizz free and my style remained in tack. My hair naturally has lots of shrinkage however the diffuser didn’t cause any additional major shrinkage. Although I say embrace it! I think if I would have completely dried my hair I would have seen even more volume than was provided. This diffuser hit all the points and the nail on it for easy, safe and gentle drying for my curls. I may not use it all the time but it’s so comforting to know that I have a plan B for days when I need to dry my hair quickly and gently at the same time. I will aim to continue to become even more acquainted with this innovative tool. Bravo DevaFuser/DevaCurl Team! I would highly recommend this diffuser safe for curly hair girls. Although these are only my personal opinions results speak for themselves! What have you been diffusing with lately? Until next time thank you for reading. Chow! ♥


DF 1



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