Are”Ethnic” Hair Care Aisles A Thing Of The Past? Shea Moisture’s #Breakthewalls Ad Campaign

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I must admit the segregation of black hair care in general at our local grocery & beauty supply stores has always made the hairs on the back of my neck stand straight up. Although I personally never thought seriously about it to make some noise and bring about change. We never evolve and grow by staying silent or by watering down the truth. Shea Moisture’s recent and new call to action campaign ad Break the Walls is not only needed but profoundly genius! I applaud all of us for the many changes and growth there has been regarding black hair care and it’s appropriate fit into main society… however I am inspired and eternally thankful by those who chose not to settle there. Do you think this call to action ad to end ethnic hair care aisles and come together is a temporary fix or perfection that is rightfully due? As I continue to use this wonderful platform I will share my personal thoughts on why I believe… change is good and is coming!

WE ARE ONE I love the beauty in which I was raised. All races all ages and all shapes and sizes were in my direct view. We all have hair don’t we? It all needs to be washed and maintained, right? So what is the problem and why has it taken so long to bring black hair care out of the corner of aisle out of the witness protection program?  I think it’s beautiful to see the many changes that have already taken place with black hair care and this unique and simple movement set to unify us. Hair care is just that… although ours may be unique and different at the end of the day it falls under that one category BEAUTY. Aren’t we all beautiful? I love the idea that although it’s just hair care some may say the movement is much bigger than that. This ad makes me feel like I don’t have to be limited by the small ethnic section we have learned to be placed in. At the end of the day we are all human and desire to take care of what God has blessed us with just like the next person. Next time you are in the beauty aisle look & admire… as we become one!

SUPREME GROWTH OF THE DEMAND FOR BLACK/NATURAL HAIR CARE –   Let’s be honest as black hair care continues to soar in numbers as a billion-dollar industry quite naturally that would equal a boat load of opportunity and rich demand. Now that many of us are wearing our hair natural that industry alone is in extremely high demand. I am starting to come to the realization everyone wants of a piece of that pie! Almost every time I look around a new product or natural hair company surfaces up and continues to rise all the way to the top. Gimmick? No… what is it? Extremely high demand along with the growth of black hair care. Now that we have added additional layers to black hair care there is really no stopping us now. I am always blown away at how black hair continues to evolve and progress beautifully. As many of us try to navigate through the many hair products be mindful of all the hard work and sweat it took to get those products on the shelf and in it’s rightful aisle.

BEAUTY AISLE – The entire reason behind Shea Moisture’s Break the Walls ad is that we belong in the beauty aisle too! I applaud them and others who have made it part of their mission to help bring awareness to the gaps in our society. As beauty continues to evolve and progress I find it comforting to know that you and I and all of us are a part of that. Although re-positioning our hair care products doesn’t define us individually it does however bring us into a sense of unity and it’s a wonderful start to the many changes I am sure are yet to come. Although at the rate of growth and demand for natural hair care/black hair care continues to soar we may eventually need our own aisle to house all the products. (lol) As companies strive to make sure our products aren’t left off the beauty aisle let’s not also forget that we each possess a unique beauty that no aisle or person can take away from us. If we think, be, act beautiful then we will start to feel beautiful every day!

I hope you feel inspired to let your natural beauty resonate every day! I find it absolutely amazing what Shea Moisture is doing and hope that other companies feel just as inspired to do the same. I think it’s funny how some things seem to not be that big of an issue until someone else moves and stands up for change. A lot of the time we have been conditioned to accept what we have been labeled instead of helping educate others and ourselves by redefining beauty. As a consumer and a black woman who shops in the “Ethnic” aisle herself nothing makes me more proud than to see this ad come to life. How do you feel about the “Ethnic” aisle possibly being a thing of the past? Have you ever felt ashamed of shopping in that aisle? Thank you reading… until next time…chow! ♥

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