Shea Moisture Yucca & Plantain Anti-Breakage Strengthening Styling Milk ~ Product Review (First Impression)!

Calling All Naturals w/ Curls, Coils & Kinks


You know what I haven’t let come near my hair since my transition days? Yes – hair milks! What’s that you say? Ha – good question! As the natural hair world is always evolving my hair, hands, and brain struggle to keep up. I am somewhat familiar with hair milks as I used one in particular from Shea Moisture awhile back… but were they necessary for my hair now? I honestly didn’t know the answer to question which sparked me to purchase the Shea Moisture Yucca & Plantain Anti-Breakage Strengthening Styling Milk. I have tried the hair masque from this line and my hair loves it! You can scope out that review here. If my hair likes a product from a particular product line usually I find success with other products within that line. So off I go on my conquest to search for answers…

I think it’s important and not only right to share what I have learned during my natural hair journey but be as transparent as I can so you can learn with me and achieve your best results with your hair. I believe there is no point in learning to hoard information for yourself. So let me give you some insight into this hair milk. This hair milk can be found in most beauty stores and retails for about $9.99 and is housed in an 8 fl. oz. bottle. This milk is derived from the Shea Moisture Yucca & Plantain line and as always is safe for color treated hair and is sulfate free. This hair milk is a anti-breakage and strengthening styling milk infused with Yucca & Plantain just to name a few ingredients. This lightweight cream softens as it works to boost body and strengthen hair as it improves manageability for styling. One of the perks I found was that this hair milk is it can be mixed, blended, and layered with other products for the ultimate smooth finish. For me this is key & vital! If you want to banish frizz and split ends – this cream conditions and smoothes the hair cuticles to reduce frizz and improve the appearance of split ends. If you are looking to soften, strengthen, moisturize, control & boost shine while improving those stubborn split ends and calming uncontrollable frizz then this product claims it is for you! Would this cream be play nice with my fickle curls?

yucca milk3

So I decided to put this product to the test on the tail end of my wash day. I washed my hair like normal → detangled with conditioner → deep conditioned/steamed my hair → added my leave in. I thought this hair milk would serve best as a leave in especially since they claimed it layers pretty well with other products. As I opened the bottle I am greeted with a very familiar smell of fresh herbs and plants and it’s very refreshing and calming. The feel and consistency of this cream is definitely ultra-lightweight and as I worked the cream throughout my hair it melted into my curls beautifully. Did it have slip?Thinking… yes and no. I don’t think it’s bursting with slip but I could work this cream easily throughout my hair lightly detangling. I think I am really use to heavy products as this one quickly absorbed into my hair and wasn’t leaving my hair with a white residue. I was able to effectively coat my entire head of hair (and it’s a lot of thick hair) while using very little product. I wasn’t even purposely trying to be stingy! (lol) My curls felt happy! As we all know feelings can be very deceiving. Was this one?

yucca milk

FINAL THOUGHTS: This cream left my hair feeling like a 10! I loved it. Who doesn’t want to treat, protect and style your hair all in one? My hair was left soft, super defined, tons of volume, shine on point, moisturized, and my frizz was under control! This is exactly what this product claimed it would do. I also would like to point out as I continue to incorporate this product into rotation that my hair will reap the benefits more and more. Consistency along with the right product combination for your hair type will ultimately set you up for success every time. I also think this product will last me a long time which I can only smile about as we naturals tend to go through a lot of products and fast. I know you thought I forgot to report on the layering aspect of this cream – yes it played well with all the products I used to complete styling my hair resulting in a successful wash n go. Well done, Shea Moisture! My curls and I had a really good day today! Don’t worry as I love doing reviews from Shea Moisture as their products work great on my hair – I got some tricks up my sleeve for other products from other lines…don’t be shy any suggestions or requests? Until next time… chow! ♥

yucca milk2

Key Product Ingredients/Information:

  • Raw Shea Butter
  • Yucca Extract
  • Plantain Extract
  • Cilantro Extract
  • Coconut Oil
  • Jojoba Seed Oil
  • Aloe Leaf Juice

Today’s Natural Hair Lingo

  • CAN ⇒ Calling All Naturals

Weekly Power Thought: I think it’s important and not only right to share what I have learned during my natural hair journey but be as transparent as I can so you can learn with me and achieve your best results with your hair.

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