NaturelleGrow Pure Hydration Leave-In Conditioner/Moisturizing Styling Cream ~ FIRST IMPRESSION ~ Product Review!

Calling All Naturals w/ Curs, Coils & Kinks

pure hydration

Do you guys remember me raving about this company when I fell completely in love with their Deep Conditioner? It is my go to detangler! I recently ordered a few things from this company and to my surprise I received a free sample size of their Pure Hydration Leave-In/Moisturizing Styling Cream… thank you! Oh I would like to share that they are now selling sample sizes in a lot of their products so if you are unsure if a certain product will work for you this would be a perfect opportunity to try and buy without possible regrets. I was super excited to try not only another product from this line but that it was particularity a leave-in which is vital in my hair regimen. I noticed a BIG difference in my hair once I figured out leave-in’s are a winner for me and my curls. Not to mention this product serves many purposes as it can also be used as a styling cream. However, since I am currently experiencing separation anxiety from my staple styling product today I will just test it out as a leave-in! Here were my thoughts and results…↓


So here are a few stats to get you started on whether or not you may be interested in trying this product. First, NaturelleGrow designs handmade all natural products aiding in proper healthy hair growth and they sell their products on You can find the product I am going to be reviewing today on their website and it retails for $10 (on sale) for a 8 fl. oz bottle. I have to say name choices for products are very important as when I noticed the name was Pure Hydration my curls immediately said, yes! What does this product claim it can do for your curls, coils & kinks? This product is enriched with natural herbs, botanical extracts, and hair softening shea butter. Pure Hydration transforms dry, parched and dehydrated hair into soft curly oasis without the crunch, stiffness, or flakes. Which makes this product excellent for curls, twist outs, braid outs, roller sets, wash  go’s and coils. Not to mention it can be used for a leave in or styling cream or both! How did this product and my curls get along you ask??


So another wash day is upon me and I get to try my new hair product. I am going to use this product as mentioned previously as a leave-in as I like to rotate all my products. I wash my hair like normal and follow all my necessary steps until I reached the leave in phase. I always spray my hair with my DIY refresher spray before applying any leave in product as I found this helps set my curls better. Try it! So I began to open up my sample (2 fl. oz.) size bottle. Let me start by trying to explain the first thing I noticed upon opening my bottle up the smell! I have a very sensitive nose but the best way to describe it is very cough syrup medicine like smell with cherries on top. I just was not a fan at all and the scent did linger in my hair. The feel of this product was very familiar as it was light and creamy and I was slowly forgetting all about the smell. I worked the product lightly all over my hair making sure even distribution was achieved. Since I already detangled previously I don’t do much of that when adding any additional products as I focus more on the raking method. This product was not super slippery like I like but I was able to rake it through just fine. If this was my detangle product of choice it would not have worked for me. Thank God it wasn’t and that I just needed its leave in abilities! So was a mixed reaction what I received in my results???


FINAL THOUGHTS: No! My reactions were mixed true only due to the smell but the results really do just speak for themselves – I loved them. I can’t give it a 10 but it did leave my hair soft, moisturized, super defined, shiny without any crunch, stiffness, or flakes. Exactly what they claimed! I was no longer chillin in the dry desert! I did layer my products and this product did play well with the oil and styling cream I used. I was overall very impressed and it was exactly what I expected from the company minus the smell. I did smell the product minutes after applying it on my hair but as the day progressed no unusual smell just fabulous results. I will add this product left a white coating on my hair but I don’t mind as all my products do that and as it dries the product soaks into the hair and you can’t see it anymore. I also thought it was cool despite me being heavy handed always especially the first time I try a new product that I still only used about half the bottle and have at least another full use out of this bottle. Way to go! I am very happy this product was added to my order! It’s always fun trying and playing around with different products as sometimes we can learn something new or experience a new discovery. What product(s) are you planning to try next maybe – Pure Hydration? Are you a lover of leave-in’s too?  Until next time… chow! ♥


Key Product Ingredients/Information:

  • Shea Butter
  • Aloe Vera
  • BTMS
  • Marshmallow Root
  • Slippery Elm Bark
  • Glycerin

Today’s Natural Hair Lingo

  • CAN ⇒ Calling All Naturals

Weekly Power Thought: I noticed a BIG difference in my hair once I figured out leave-in’s are a winner for me and my curls.

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