5 Reasons Why Transitioning To Natural Hair Is More About A Mental Transition

Calling All Naturals w/ Curls, Coils & Kinks


When I first entertained the thoughts of “going natural” I was highly unaware of exactly what I was about to embark on. Of course my initial goal was to let my natural texture shine through but it quickly turned into so much more. I applaud all the naturals that have paved the way before me and returned natural for whatever reasons that were important to them during their natural hair journey. As my curls and coils started to peek through making their way into society I started to realize this is so much bigger than just hair. Like every other soon to be natural who was unaware of their natural texture I was on the edge waiting to see what texture I had that would help define me.  A head full of curls later I soon realized my beauty didn’t lie in the texture I carried on my head but the thoughts they have brought me into my own.

Where your thoughts go everything else will follow: I honestly thought I would return natural and things would just be all good no change was to follow. I didn’t think there was a big deal surrounding returning to my natural hair texture. I soon learned during my natural hair journey when I would get frustrated during the transition process I was going to have to make some changes – but not with my hair my thoughts about my hair. Transitioning definitely takes on a life of its own. I don’t regret it at all but like to educate others so they too can have a successful transition process. Maintaining a positive outlook while being open to change will help your natural hair journey reach its fullest potential. You can have the most innovative hair tools and the finest hair products out there but if you have a bad thought life about yourself or natural hair journey they will not help you be the best you. If you find yourself getting frustrated stop, regroup and rethink about what it is your trying to accomplish here. You may have to adjust your mind and your journey.

Transitioning is as fun as YOU make it: Who wants a lack luster transitioning process? I know I didn’t hence why I soon had to clear a path in my mind and remove anything that was hindering me from having a fabulous transition process. I made my transition phase fun and challenged myself to always push the envelope further and get creative. If something did not work for me I would stop and try something new. It took some time and some effort on my part but before you knew it my transition phase was a very exciting time for me. Rocking the two textures was definitely a daunting experience no doubt but it didn’t stop me from making the best out of a unfamiliar time for me. If you find yourself struggling with the fun factor that’s normal get off the fun train take a break and get back on the next day.

Talk, watch and listen to other naturals uplifting stories: There are times when you may feel like giving up or just simply saying this is not for me. As returning natural isn’t for everyone if you had a strong desire previously chances are that feeling will not go away. I found myself wanting to feel the success of others hoping it would rub off on me. I would researched countless naturals stories and before long I was so pumped up at the possibilities too for me that there was no one going to stand in my way of success. Just like negativity is contagious so is positivity… choose wisely. Surround, listen, watch & talk with others that will help elevate you to even higher levels. Keep your eye on the prize and your mind clear.

Don’t always trust how you feel: Truth – some days just weren’t great days for me and that would spill over into my transition phase. Although I had the help of my hair stylist as I transitioned some days were just more challenging than others. One day I would be all excited then the next I would look in the mirror like what am I going to do with these two textures. One thing I learned was that these concerns I had always worked themselves out. It wasn’t even necessary for me to waste time on how I was feeling as everything was always fine in the end. If you do have a valid or serious concern address it as there is a difference. For the rest of us who get caught up in our feelings learn how to relax, enjoy the ride and stay at peace knowing you are on the right path for you. I always say do what’s needed or right and what you feel will soon catch up and follow.

Cluttered Mind = Cluttered Life: So, if your mind is all over the place and busy with many things it will definitely hinder your transition phase and overall natural hair journey. Let’s be real everyone is busy these days with very little time to focus on our hair 24/7. We just weren’t designed to be successful with so much junk in our heads. Now I am not saying ignore everything else in your life and become hair obsessed as moderation is the key. Living a well balanced life is a direct reflection of your mind. I am sure many are familiar with the passage “Where the mind goes the man follows”.  Keep your mind clear and your thoughts in a good place and you will experience a really great natural hair journey even when you hit bumps in the road. Transitioning is not as bad as it may seem and if you are struggling skim over these 5 points and ask yourself do I fall into any of these categories? If so… which ones? What has helped you get through your transition phase? Thank you for flipping through the pages of my journey! Until next time… Chow! ♥

~This article was first published @ www.blackhairinformation.com~

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Weekly Power Thought:  A head full of curls later I soon realized my beauty didn’t lie in the texture I carried on my head but the thoughts they have brought me into my own.

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