My First Natural Hair Trim by Me!

Calling All Naturals w/ Curls, Coils & Kinks


If anyone truly knows me understands the traditional trim back in the day when my hair was relaxed was such a dreaded day! My hair stylist would have to tell me weeks before the BIG trim day that I needed one so I would have plenty of time to process the news! Funny looking back at it but NOW that I am almost a year and a half post big chop I knew that TRIM word would work its way back into my life eventually. Let me say a proper trim honestly isn’t that bad and I had to let go of bad experiences way back in the day so I could conquer yet another natural hair task on my list. When I heard about the term “dusting” I was all over that idea. I am not a professional by any means and there are so many proper ways to cut/dust/trim your natural curls, coils and kinks but I decided to do what I thought would work best for me. Also I would like to add I wasn’t trimming for a particular purpose as I wasn’t experiencing tangles, breakage, knots, split ends or trouble combing my hair however I felt it was time to let go of the ends and start fresh along with the many benefits. I am not going to touch on how often you should trim and the logistics of trimming more so share my story on my first dusting session! How did it go?

Benefits of Trimming Natural Hair:

  • Healthier Ends
  • Growth
  • Less Breakage
  • Retain Length
  • Easier Detangling/Styling
  • Thick/Fuller Hair

I have watched a lot of videos and read various articles about why, how and when you should give yourself a trim. For some naturals they never trim, while others trim religiously every 3-4 months no matter what, and there are others who play it by ear and trim once or twice a year. I don’t think there is a right or wrong as natural hair can be quite unique and everyone experiences different issues and concerns with their hair. I wasn’t sure what category I fell in or if I even needed to even fall into a category however so far I have been playing it by ear and just feel like now is a good time. Now due to the fact I am not dusting with a purpose due to issues with my hair it did relieve any pressure of messing up or doing it wrong. It’s hair and I have plenty of it so if I mess up it will grow back! (lol) I was pretty excited to snip and move on snip and move on. My main thing was I didn’t want to trim what wasn’t necessary and end up with a second big chop! Now if that is you goal be happy and cut away… but I just wanted to dust off the ends. Was my personal dusting session all I had hoped it to be?

trim 1

Dusting Day! So, I have seen some naturals trim their hair straight and curly while wet and dry… yikes! So many choices. How did I narrow mine down to decide? Well, I have yet to wear my hair straight and honestly don’t plan to in the future as of now so I went with trimming my hair while curly. As far as the wet vs. dry controversy… to me it makes more sense to trim wet since I am trimming it curly. If I was trimming my hair straight, I would have opted for trimming it while dry. My natural hair falls in the perfect shape of a heart as many of you may have noticed. So I decided to trim my hair after I washed it. After I applied my DC I got out of the shower and snagged up my Q-Redew and gave my hair a steam treatment before I gave myself a little trim. YES – I trimmed my hair with my DC in my hair. I said a prayer as Lord knows I tend to be heavy handed then off I went to section my hair in the same way I would if I was to section it for detangling. I worked section by section and took two off my fingers and worked them all the way to the very end and trimmed a little of my ends. Some people will twist their hair all over and dust the ends which I love that idea and plan to incorporate that method in the future when my hair is longer. So… what were my thoughts and would I trim/dust my hair again? Did I accidentally create Big Chop #2?!

trim 2

FINAL THOUGHTS: After I completed my dusting session I washed out all the deep conditioner and applied my deep protein treatment and was very happy with my final results. My hair did appear a tad bit shorter and had a even round circle cut! I would rather have short healthy hair then long thirsty hair. I absolutely will continue to trim my hair myself only when needed. Funny thing is my hair has grown so much as my color was almost nonexistent in the pile of trimmed hair I had accumulated. I was very proud to try something new and have much success with it. I guess you never know until you try. My curls were left soft bouncy and very happy to let go of dead weight. If any of you are wondering I used professional trimming scissors I purchased at Sally Beauty Supply store. I am excited to see the benefits of trimming my ends and I know as I continue to think, eat and apply healthy hair practices I will enter into something beautiful. I was so excited about my trim that I only managed to capture my final trimmed hair pile and not my final results so sorry. Don’t worry as you will eventually see the results of my trim as I bring you fresh and fun reviews and posts! I was very thankful to all the reviews, videos and ample amounts of knowledge I received that helped me reach new levels and try something new. Have you dusted your hair lately? Until next time… chow! ♥

Today’s Natural Hair Lingo

  • CAN ⇒ Calling All Naturals
  • Dusting ⇒ Trimming a very small amount of hair at the ends of your hair

Weekly Power Thought: I would rather have short healthy hair then long thirsty hair.

Weekly Natural Hair Care Savings


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