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I admit as a person who often rocks the versatile high puff style this product grabbed my attention immediately. Not only is the high puff my go to style but I wondered would this hair tie bursting onto the scenes would help me create my best puff yet. I was intrigued when a YouTuber I watched made this hair tie seem so easy and I was convinced that I found my new favorite hair tool. Off to their website I go to purchase this hair tool that would seem to fit beautifully into my box of collected hair gadgets. Alright enough babble 1…2…3… off I go!

Who Created the Snappee??  The Snappee was created by a fellow natural who is the founder of Snappee Inc., Keziah Okonkwo. Screen_Shot_2015-04-28_at_9.55.37_PM_large

What is the Snappee?  It’s a durable, long lasting, non breaking hair tie that comes in a variety of rainbow colors. You simply snap on one hair tie to another. You can use 2, 3 or however many you need to snap to achieve the hairstyle desired. Popular uses are the high puff, headband, side ponytail, and the topknot. Machine washable.

How much are the Snappee hair ties? You can purchase a variety of collections. They have rainbow (all the colors) that retails for $49.99 or sets of 3 in a variety of color combinations for $10.99 ea.

What Snappee claims? They have combined versatility and utilitarianism with style and fun, fresh attitude. The snap off hair tie is extra soft and extra stretchy to protect your hair while keeping it locked into your favorite hairstyle. With Snappee breakage, tangles and damage are history.

Are you about that #pufflife? Here are a few pictures where I was able to capture my favorite go to style… the puff! Side note: None of the pictures I used the Snappee.


MY EXPERIENCE: So due to the fact my hair is super thick I bought a package of 3 in all black. I was super excited and very intrigued to see 1. how easy this would be and 2. if I would love it more than my trusted DIY hair tie (more on that later)! So I as soon as I opened the package it arrived in and got all three hair ties out I proceeded to snap each one into place. The feel of the Snappee is extremely stretchy and soft. It was pretty easy also to snap each hair tie together creating a big circle headband that stretches. I played around with my gigantic hair tie a bit and then proceeded to prep my hair to style in the high puff. So, I basically unsnapped two of the hair ties creating a straight line placed the entire Snappee under the back of my head while bringing the ends to the front of my head crossing (in the front of my head) then proceeded to swoop the unsnapped ends to the back area snapping the back in place. I found this part of the “creating the puff” quite challenging to maneuver while finding the snaps. Possibly it could be a result of just first timer use. Eventually I got it! I tried it several different ways to try to achieve my best puff. Three snaps and sometime later did I?

MY FINAL THOUGHTS: You guys know I like to bring it to you honest with absolutely no bashing of any company. I enjoyed getting to know the Snappee. Let me back track a bit. I have created a DIY hair tie for my high puffs made out of combining two knee highs! YES – you heard me right. Many naturals probably already aware of this cheap yet super effective route. With the DIY hair tie it’s extremely easy to manipulate and be in control of how high/low you want your puff or how tight etc. Super easy to apply no snag no issues and it too is machine washable. As far as the Snappee I had a tad bit difficult time applying the hair tie but I did too also with my DIY (lol). In the end I was able to concur both successfully with practice and time. The material of the Snappee worked just as described and I was able to glide the Snappee successfully without any snags. However, the actual snap clips did NOT work so well for me. I don’t know really if there was much I could do differently on my end as I tried the Snappee several ways. What happened? As I went to take the Snappee apart by unsnapping the snaps my hair got caught pulling a bit out. NOW, it wasn’t World War II as it was only a few strands of hair but it did it repeatedly on every snap. Although it’s only one strike not a good one for my tightly coiled hair. Maybe someone with a looser texture may not experience this but I sure did. With that being said I definitely will be sticking with my DIY hair ties. Another thing I noticed was after some time my puff wasn’t as tight as I normally like it. I do know the Snappee material is meant to stretch and that’s fine I just like a tighter puff. Two Snaps wouldn’t have been long enough and three became too loose over time. All in all, you don’t know until you try. Have any of you tried the Snappee with success? Do- tell?! Thank you for flipping through the pages of my journey. Until the page… chow! ♥



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Weekly Power Thought:   You guys know I like to bring it to you honest with absolutely no bashing of any company.

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