Treasured Locks H2G Hair Growth Shampoo, Conditioner, Knot No More Leave-In Conditioner & HydraCap ~ FIRST IMPRESSION ~ Product Review!

Calling All Naturals w/ Curls, Coils & Kinks

treasured locks

I was very honored and eager to try this line by Treasured Locks who sent me these products to review and try for them! I wasn’t familiar with this company prior to them contacting me however as a natural hair blogger and lover of all things beauty this made my fingers tingle and aroused my journalist desires. There are many factors that plays into a successful natural hair journey and experimenting with various products is the fun part. My success with products isn’t solely determined by if a product works well for me or not as it is more about learning what your hair likes and doesn’t. I know a lot of us naturals don’t have the time or financial resources to throw money away; as to why I always suggest doing your research first and along with trial and error you will begin to learn what works and what doesn’t for you. My hope is that through my natural hair journey you will not only learn to embrace your natural texture but learn to give your hair the very best. As always, my reviews are honest based upon my personal experience with products tested on my natural hair and is never meant to bash or discredit any company. Did my tight curls find some new friends today?

Since I wasn’t too familiar with this line there may be a chance you aren’t either so let me share what I know and have learned. Treasured Locks is a family owned and operated company since 2002 located in Ohio. I will be reviewing a total of 4 products today! Although this company sells quite a lot more than just hair products I will be focused on the products that were sent my way. The very first thing I noticed is that these products contain silicones… nooo! As someone who follows the Curly Girl Method this news hurt HER (my hair) feelings, lol! Determined to give it a go despite that finding I wanted to at least try being that these products were sent to me to review. Here are the specs on each product up for review.

Key Product Ingredients/Information – H2G Shampoo:

  • The H2G Shampoo currently retails for $15.99 on sale for a 8 fl. oz tube as claims it’s suitable for all hair types and is sulfate and paraben free. This shampoo is infused with Emu Oil and Shea Butter just to name a few ingredients. This shampoo was designed with hair growth in mind and it’s a gentle salon grade shampoo that will strengthen, moisturize, and nourish your hair while reducing scalp dryness and improving scalp circulation.

Key Product Ingredients/Information – H2G Conditioner:

  • The H2G Conditioner currently retails for $15.99 on sale for a 8 fl. oz. tube as it claims it’s suitable for all hair types and is sulfate and paraben free. This conditioner contains Emu Oil and Shea Butter just to name a few ingredients. This growth conditioner strengthens, nourishes, and moisturizes hair while reducing scalp dryness and improving scalp circulation.

Key Product Ingredients/Information – H2G Leave-In Conditioner:

  • The H2G Knot No More Tangle Removing Leave-In Conditioner currently retails for $14.99 on sale for a 8 fl. oz. Also it’s safe for all hair types and is sulfate and paraben free. This product contains Emu Oil and Shea Butter as well. This leave-in detangling conditioner is especially formulated to facilitate the removal of hair styles such as locks, twists, cornrows and braids. This leave-in will reduce the friction between your hair and the comb always allowing you to pull a comb and/or your fingers through the hair to remove these styles with minimal hair loss, effort or pain.
  • NOTE: This leave-in states: Also makes an excellent daily styling aid or leave-in conditioner.

Key Product Ingredients/Information – Deep Hydrating Hydracap:

  • These deep hydrating conditioning caps retail for $5.99 for a pack of 6. Shrinks to fit all head sizes with a hair dryer on hot setting. This cap claims it locks in moisture, no drips, less mess, for regular use of conditioning, hot oil treatments, and deep conditioning.


WASH DAY: Now, that we have learned about the products time to put them to the test. Most of you know I don’t use a traditional shampoo as I opp for my DIY clay wash however I kept an open mind. My initial plan was to use the shampoo to cleanse, the conditioner to detangle and the leave-in as a traditional leave-in. I plan on styling as usual. As I open the shampoo – OMG obviously it has been awhile since I have used traditional shampoo as I poured out a little too much, lol! The smell reminded me of baby powder or a very pleasant body lotion. It was a light and sweet scent. The consistency was that of a traditional shampoo that created lather all over place. I massaged the shampoo into my scalp and the shampoo felt very nice against my scalp and to my surprise I was actually able to finger detangle. A few minutes later everything on my head was clean. As I began to rinse the product out I noticed the shampoo was super easy to rinse out. The feel of my hair afterwards was drier than normal. I did feel like my hair was a lot more tangled than usual as well.

So I was eager to open the conditioner (to help in aiding with the tangles) I now have and was greeted with that same baby powder lightly perfumed scented smell. It was quite refreshing. The texture of the conditioner was quite unusual as it resembled the shampoo as it was very sudsy. This conditioner had no slip at all and I was NOT able to finger detangle at all. My hair requires a lot of moisture and slip to get through these tight coils and this product immediately did not do it for me. This product didn’t say it would detangle but as a natural that is a vital piece of designing  a staple conditioner. So I proceeded to wash it out as it wasn’t working for HER at all and once I completed that task my hair was super dry. Oh no! Quick thinking led me to co-washing really quickly to add some moisture back and regain some form of control of my hair. I rinsed that out and then began to detangle with my staple detangler.

After my detangling was complete I applied my deep conditioner a moisturizing one since my hair was so dry. I then grabbed their HydraCap and proceeded to put that on. It was a pretty easy application however I did NOT add heat from a hair dryer as the instructions stated. I prefer not to use my blow dryer unless I absolutely have to. I knew this would probably alter my results but that was the risk I decided to take. I grabbed my deep conditioning heating cap and placed that over the HydraCap for 30 minutes. I would suggest if you want to experience the full effect and benefits of the HydraCap you can always follow the instructions and not be a rebel like me, lol!

I think due to the fact I didn’t heat the HydraCap up with my hair dryer resulted in my DC not being able to fully penetrate into my hair and of course the cap was a loose fit. Heating the HydraCap up would have shrunk my cap to fit my head to not allow drips, moisture loss, and deep penetration of product of choice. This was entirely a failure on my part. You live and learn. However, I don’t know how I feel about having to blow dry my heating cap in general. I like grabbing going and getting it done with little to no fuss. Then again maybe it’s just me!  As a natural I love simplicity and less is more for me.

At this point realizing these products aren’t working for me I have a few options here. I rinsed out my DC and decided to go with my staple leave-in instead of theirs. I know their leave-in is designed more for removal of hair locks, twist etc. However, I at least wanted to test it out since it could be used a traditional leave-in. I sectioned off a piece in the very back and proceeded to add in the Knot No More. The smell was very consistent with the rest of the products and the consistency was very slippery and I was able to very easily work this product through my hair. It wasn’t enough slip for me to use it as a detangler for my thick hair but it did do the best job out of all three products. I didn’t leave it in as I opted to rinse it out and use my staple leave-in. Do you know what’s going through my mind?

treasured locks 2.jpg

FINAL THOUGHTS: You guys already know what I am about to say! None of these products worked for me and my curls. I was hoping for better results but I did learn one thing that’s for sure. What’s that? My normal staple regimen is the RIGHT road for me. Nothing like knowing you are right on track! Nothing wrong with veering of course just make sure you learn to recognize when to get back on. The shampoo, conditioner, leave-in & caps all left me disappointed. I aim to provide honest results even when they aren’t good news. My final results were not my best but now I know. The main thing I took away from these products was the lack of moisture and slip in all their products. As a natural those are at the top of the Natural Hair Rule Book! I did notice in the ingredients section on their products a lot of protein used as that could have been part of the issue for me along with the cones. I am not protein sensitive but when that is mixed with a lack of moisture… I was left with dry, frizzy hair.

Funny thing is even when I tried to nurse my hair back to life with my styling products my hair was still left drier than normal. I am not too sure what exactly went wrong and why my hair responded to these products the way it did but as a natural you only want to use what will enhance your hair and what works best for you. The shampoo did do a nice job of cleaning my scalp but just didn’t provide these curls with enough to leave her satisfied. I would like to say thank you to Treasured Locks for sending me these products to review as I love conducting product reviews! Now, in all honesty my result pictures don’t look that bad but ladies as it dried yes it wasn’t pretty, lol! I love my big fluff ball even when my curls aren’t super defined but dry fluff bull I can’t do. I hope I have left my readers satisfied and eager to see what’s next up my sleeve as product reviews are in full effect. Any suggestions? Have you used these products, if so how was your success while using them? As always thank you for flipping through the pages of my natural hair journey… until the next page chow! ♥

treasured locks 1



Today’s Natural Hair Lingo

  • CAN  Calling All Naturals
  • LOC Method ⇒ Liquid/or Leave In – Oil ~ Cream = 3 Step process for moisturizing natural hair
  • DC ⇒ Deep Conditioning
  • Slip ⇒ How well a product aids in detangling/combing*lifesaver
  • Curly Girl Method (CGM) ⇒ was invented by Lorraine Massey and it’s a method in which you go shampoo free to give your curls some ultra-moisture.  Instead of shampooing you co-wash and condition and style your hair with silicone and sulfate free products.

Weekly Power Thought:  My success with products isn’t solely determined by if a product works well for me or not as it is more about learning what your hair likes and doesn’t.

Weekly Natural Hair Care Savings


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