NaturelleGrow Marshmallow Root, Slippery Elm Bark & Natural Cinnamon Moisturizing Deep Conditioner ~ FIRST IMPRESSION ~ Product Review!

Calling All Naturals with Curls, Coils & Kinks 

marshmallow DC

I have yet another review from a boutique hair company on Etsy that has yet to disappoint these curls! You know she is very fickle at times but not when it comes to NaturelleGrow. NG creates the most slippery, nourishing and all natural mega moisturizing ingredients you will find on the market today. I have tried various products now and I am always amazed at how I can’t stop reaching for these products over some of the more popular products you normally hear about. I have been wanting to try this DC for awhile now and a sale later here we are. As a natural I can’t stress how DC your hair is not only vital but a necessity. If you want to have a successful natural hair journey… you will soon learn how you will need a stellar DC at all times in your stash. I am currently using one of the DC from this company as my detangler and I have YET to find one that will part this red sea any better! It’s not only my staple DC/detangler it’s her (hair) right hand man, lol! You can check out that review here. All I can say is Go -Get-You-Some! Now back to the task at hand… will this DC give me awesome results as well? I sure hope so… follow me to wash day!

marshmallow dc 4

You already know that I have nothing but high hopes for this DC as I know what kind of products this company produces and they are nothing but the best. Here are some stats to better help you determine if you may want to give this DC a try for yourself. This DC comes in various sizes: 4 fl. oz. jar (sample) for $8.95, 8 fl. oz. jar for $14.95, and 16 fl. oz. jar for $19.95 all sizes for your convenience and budget. This DC is formulated with Marshmallow Root, Slippery Elm Bark and Natural Cinnamon just to name a few. This product states if you want to moisturize and melt your tangles away this is one of the best all natural herbal based growth products on the market today. They claim this moisturizing herbal blend is designed for all hair types and will deliver real long lasting results for long healthy hair growth. Anyone else excited like me? My curls are ready and in desperate need of repair and pampering… was this DC going to revive my curls back to life?

music “Back To Life Back To Reality” LOL!

marshmallow dc 3

After my music break jam session it’s time for wash day! All my wash day steps prior to me DC my hair have all taken place and it’s time to test out my new toy. The first thing I noticed upon opening the jar was the smell. The smell is just so inviting and warm reminds me of a citrus fruit perhaps it’s from the Apricot Oil? I am not too sure however I love the smell which makes me think of bubblegum! Smells are important to me so it passed the first test. The consistency is very similar if not identical to the Herbal Blends DC that I love from this company. This DC feels like whipped butter full of oils, moisture and tons of slip. I haven’t even applied it on at this point and I gathered all that information already. I began to work the DC all over my hair trying to ensure best coverage as possible. This DC has the BEST slip just like the Herbal Blends. Although I previously detangled with my Herbal Blends DC I still tested how well this DC would detangle my hair. If you aren’t aware I have super thick tightly curled coils and I have to have tons of slip to be successful with detangling my hair. This DC did NOT disappoint on the slip ensuring effective detangling. I decided to use this DC today as an actual traditional DC and leave it in for 30 minutes in addition to using my heating cap. After my 30 minutes were up I then rinsed the DC out with cold water which left my hair feeling so…

marshmallow dc2

FINAL THOUGHTS: AMAZING! Go-Get-You-Some! I loved this DC for so many reasons. This product is one of my favorites now! This DC rinsed out super easily. Have you experienced a DC where as long as the DC was in your hair your hair felt like a 10 but as soon as you rinsed it out the results soon diminished? Well, not with this DC. I could still feel the moisture and benefits after completely rinsing this product out. My hair was left soft, super moisturized, supple, bouncy, repaired, defined curls, shiny and strengthened! This is truly one of the best DC on the market today. I would highly suggest this DC to anyone who is in need of some TLC with their hair. Take some time out today and treat yourself and your hair. I also would like to pause for a moment of silence for the SLIP in the DC.♥ I love a stellar multi-functioning product as I could use this DC as a detangler as well. A special thank you to NaturelleGrow for creating such outstanding products. Although I know I have many more to try from this line as I have only made a dent; so far this is one of my favorite companies to shop from on a regular basis! Have you tried any products from NaturelleGrow? If so – do tell. Thank you for flipping through the pages of journey… until the next page chow! ♥

marshmallow dc 1

Key Product Ingredients/Information:

  • Aloe Leaf Juice
  • Shea Butter
  • Babassu Oil
  • Marshamallow Root
  • Glycerin
  • Slippery Elm Bark
  • Cinnamon

Today’s Natural Hair Lingo

  • CAN  Calling All Naturals
  • SM ⇒ Shea Moisture
  • Slip ⇒ How well a product aids in detangling/combing*lifesaver*
  • DC ⇒ Deep Conditioner
  • NG ⇒ NaturelleGrow

Weekly Power Thought: I have tried various products now and I am always amazed at how I can’t stop reaching for these products over some of the more popular products you normally hear about.

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