NaturelleGrow Sweet Plantain Leave-In Conditioner ~ FIRST IMPRESSION ~ Product Review!

Calling All Naturals w/ Curls, Coils & Kinks



Pure happiness and joy is what comes to mind when I think of NaturelleGrow products. I am nothing short of a leave-in conditioner fanatic! This crucial step has elevated my natural hair game straight to the top. I am pleased with the growth and overall health of my hair from the many consistent months of LIC the heck out of my hair, lol! This product sounds amazing and just what my hair stash needs. I prefer various products to choose from in every category. This way I can customize my hair regimen for that day as she likes it. I am very excited to try this product and hope it doesn’t disappoint these curls today as my hair needs some TLC. Let’s just say I am going to call this LIC a “winner” before I even try… as that is how much I trust NG products.

INTRO: Now, that I have given my stamp of success already before even trying this product it would be only fair to tell you why I have. You can purchase this product on Etsy and this LIC retails for $4.75 2 fl. oz. sample size, $12 for 8 fl. oz. and $18.95 for 16 fl. oz. all housed in a bottle. This handmade rich leave-in conditioner drenches the hair with moisture and nutrients by using the plantain herb.  This amazing herb also contains antiseptic and antibacterial properties as well shielding your scalp from infections and offers relief from unsightly dandruff. This conditioner is excellent for all hair types but is highly recommended for easily tangled hair -yasss! These claims are making me even more excited to try this product out and if you are wanting to find out my final results and thoughts then follow me to: WASH DAY!


WASH DAY: I had one thing on the brain today: Sweet Plantain, lol!  What’s funny is I don’t even like bananas you guys…but I sure hope my hair does, lol! So, how I will be using this product is self-explanatory as I will be using it as my second step after rinsing out my deep conditioner. I grab my bottle which is a 2 fl. oz. sample size and open it up. Wow – the smell is amazing. It feels like I am on a tropical island surrounded by plantains and coconuts – absolutely love this smell. This consistency as I rub the product between my two anxious fingers is very slippery and creamy yet a thick consistency. It’s a perfectly blended combination of cream meets moisture. I started to apply the LIC all over my hair which instantly plumps my curls and creates a soft creamy texture on my hair. As with the other LIC I have tried from this line it doesn’t take much as I barely made a dent in my sample size bottle. This LIC did NOT disappoint on the slip factor and I could easily distribute with little to no effort – praise God! I mean I don’t mind putting in the work with my hair but honey some days it’s golden when it’s effortless. This LIC left me feeling only one type of way…


FINAL THOUGHTS: Richly satisfied! This power house of LIC left my hair feeling and looking like a 10. I loved it! My hair was not only left super moisturized, pliable, soft, definition was a 10, detangled, shiny and just left me completely in love. This product when I paired it with the Camille Rose Curl Maker Gel did NOT produce a white cast or flake. Go Get You Some would be my main takeaway to share with you, lol! I most definitely will be adding this one to my rotation. The ingredients are on point the smell was on point and the results were amazingly satisfying. If you struggle with detangling and you need as much slip in all your products as God can spare then I would highly suggest this product and all the other products from NG. I hope NG never stops making and creating such awesome products as the have been such a useful step in making my natural hair journey so enjoyable. I hope you take some time to check them out and pamper your hair in the process. As always my reviews are 100% honest and are based upon using products only on my hair texture. Have you tried this product or any products from NG? If not do you plan to? As always thank you for flipping through the pages of my natural hair journey… until the next page chow!♥



Key Product Ingredients/Information:

  • Shea Butter
  • Pumpkin Seed Oil
  • Karanja Oil
  • Jamaican Black Castor Oil
  • Fenugreek
  • Plantago

Today’s Natural Hair Lingo

  • CAN  Calling All Naturals
  • NG ⇒ NaturelleGrow
  • Slip ⇒ How well a product aids in detangling/combing*lifesaver*
  • LIC ⇒ Leave-In Conditioner
  • LOC Method ⇒ Liquid/or Leave In – Oil ~ Cream = 3 Step process for moisturizing natural hair

Weekly Power Thought:   I mean I don’t mind putting in the work with my hair but honey some days it’s golden when it’s effortless.

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