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Curly, Coily & Kinky Hair Friends ~ Curly Girl Series Opportunity

I love meeting natural enthusiasts and truly believe we all have beauty to share with others! If you are a proud natural and would like to share your natural hair journey with others I believe I have the perfect opportunity for YOU!

How It Works: 

  • Fill out the questionnaire below completely then copy and paste into an email.
  • Attach 4-8 high resolution pics displaying you and your hair
  • Upon completion email back to me @ callingallnaturals@gmail.com

Thank you for sharing your journey with others!

Questionnaire ~ Answer each question please & don’t forget to add your own personality!

  • What is your name/where are you from etc & share with us a little bit about your natural hair characteristics? (Be as descriptive as possible)
  • How long have you been natural?
  • Did you brave the BC or did you transition or?
  • What do love most about being a naturalista?
  • Have you experienced any challenges with being natural? If so… please explain. 
  • How would you best describe your overall natural hair journey?
  • Do you regret returning natural or was it the best decision for you?
  • Did/Do you have supportive friends and family members during your natural hair journey? Explain your overall experience.
  • How often do you experience strangers who want to touch your hair & live in it? Feel free to share any funny stories!
  • Looking back on your natural hair journey would you recommend the BC or transition to those who are thinking about returning natural?
  • What is/are your Holy Grail natural hair product(s)?
  • Who was your biggest natural hair inspiration?
  • If you are married, dating or in between… what does your man think about your natural hair?
  • What are your favorite hairstyles?
  • Any final words of advice for those who are contemplating returning natural?




Thank you for being a part of my blog & sharing your story with others! Upon completion please email this questionnaire back to me @ callingallnaturals@gmail.com. If you would like to recommend someone for this series please feel free to share this blog page with them. Don’t forget to attach along with the questionnaire at least 4-8 high resolution (no fuzzy or out of focus) pictures of you and your hair! People love visuals! As always thank you for your time, FAB hair & your continuous support!

Disclaimer: This feature will not only be posted & viewed on Calling All Naturals website but could potentially end up on Google+, Facebook, Pinterest & other social media outlets.


xoxo ~ A. Adams